12 Tips to Help You Reach All Your Fitness Goals

by: Michael Perry

March 16, 2018

So, how does one achieve all his/hers Fitness Goals?

If you’re looking to achieve all your fitness goals and get the body you’ve always desired, this short article will significantly speed up your results.

First, you require to understand exactly what it is you want to achieve:

My fitness goals are:



After you set for yourself whatever it is you want to achieve, meaning you set yourself a fitness goal, follow these tips, and your sure to achieve your goal.

Fitness Goals
Write Down Your Goals Down!

What is required to achieve my goals are:

** Desire  desire is the force that drives you towards your bodybuilding goals. It is exactly what encourages you to end those extreme, physical workouts.
You have to want your goal badly. If you do not want it, believe me, no one else wants it for you!

** Belief – You need to believe, without a doubt, that you can achieve your bodybuilding goals. Belief is the foundation of success.

** Write it – your goals need to be written, or they are simply desires. If a goal is worth setting, then it is worth writing.
Write it in as much detail as possible.

** Determine – the advantages- why do you want this goal so terribly? If you can not think of a good sufficient reason, is it worth going after? Make a list of all the advantages you will get from achieving your goal.

** Analyze – your current status- where are you currently in your bodybuilding endeavor? Until you understand where you are now, you will never ever understand where you need to be.

** Set a deadline – when do you want to achieve your goal? On most goals, you need a deadline, or you will not make every effort to achieve it in a timely manner. Deadlines develop a sense of seriousness.

** Identify barriers – be prepared to deal with difficulties along the way. But if you are ready to deal with the worse, whatever that comes your way is a walk in the park.

** Identify – the knowledge you will need- we typically need to find out brand-new things to completely achieve our goals. Whether it is a brand-new program or a textbook you are reading, identify the knowledge you will require to know in order to reach your goals.

** Identify – people or organizations to help you- we often need others to help us get exactly what we want. And we should reciprocate the process; help others get exactly what they need and want.
Do not be accused to admit you need help accomplishing your goal. Surround yourself with people that have a positive effect on your life. Get rid of those who do not.

** Devise – a plan- put down, on paper, and in detail, how you are going to achieve your goal. Put down the activities you will require to get involved in so that you reach your goal. Most people do not have a fitness plan devised, they simply roam from machine to machine, exercise to exercise.
Develop a plan to get to where you want to be.

** Create – a mental image- Imagine your goal already achieved. Create a crystal clear image of you enjoying your goal. The more you believe about enjoying your goal, the more your subconscious start to work and move you closer to the attainment of your goal.


Fitness Goals
Keep going even after achieving your goal!

** Resolve – never ever to quit- resolve to never, ever stop. You must determine the cost you have to pay to achieve your fitness goals, and after that resolve to pay that cost. Be consistent and determined to reach that goal. You will be a much more powerful person for it in the end.

The more of these items you can include in your routine, the closer you will be to success in your fitness endeavors.

Michael Perry

Growing up as the fat kid is what motivated him to take matters to his hands at fifteen, and he has never looked back again since! When he's not pumping iron at the gym, you'll probably find him hooked to his record player listening to rock classics. If only he could carry it with him to the gym. Sigh. On this site, he'll do his best to help you accomplish the same results for yourself. (We're talking about getting in shape, not trying to carry a record player to your local gym)

Michael Perry

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