Best 3 Day Split Workout For Beginners

by: Michael Perry

January 30, 2021

first, What is the 3 day split workout routine?

The 3 day split workout program is, by definition, a workout program carried out 3 times a week, targets one or two muscle groups in the same workout, and has rest days between each workout session.

The compound exercises you'll do in this program are the main benefit of going with a 3 day split workout.

They will allow you to target major muscle groups in your body at the same time.

This in turn helps with faster muscle growth, but it also gives your muscles plenty of time to recover.

Which in turn, reduces the chance of injuries and soreness, and you will still see significant results. 

All while you workout only 3 days a week.

And, since lack of time is a major reason that holds most people back, as long as you can squeeze 3 days a week, you'll be fine.

I know, because I've been there.

And in this article, I'm gonna share with you my own 3 day split workout routine.

But first, let me address some of the questions you might have about it.

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As a beginner, should I go to the gym 3 or 5 days a week?

the best 3 day split workout program

Let me start by saying that if strength and bulking is your goal, then 3 is the minimum number of days you should spend in the gym.

Sure you can go the extra mile and plan your workouts to fit 4 and even 5 days a week of good quality gym time.

However, 3 times a week is good enough when you're just starting out, and you can always switch to 4/5 times a week when you progress. 

And besides, when it comes to weight training, this workout routine is an excellent choice for beginners.

The trick though, is to focus on compound exercises.

Compound exercises involve the movement of 2 and more joints in the same
exercise, and they work on several muscles at the same time as well.

This means you can get more job done in less time. 

Side Note #1

you should try to stay active even on rest days.

Think about running, or cycling, or any other Type of sport/activity that will keep you active.

do not however, go over the edge and run 20 miles, or play basketball for 4 hours.

some minor to moderate activity will do the trick.

For example, you can set the split days as mon, wed, fri, while Tuesday and thursdays are cardio days.

What Is The Best 3-Day Split For Muscle Building?

The best 3 day split program is a program that has a great structure, just like the one I'm about to share with you below.

A great split program is a program that targets one or two muscle group in your body per workout.

Focusing on one or two muscle groups per workout will make your workout sessions shorter and more efficient. 

Keep in mind your workout will consist mainly of compound exercises and

Furthermore, 3 days split gives your muscles more time to recover, giving you the ability to train just as hard and even harder in the next session.

Hence, the "best split workout program" would be a program that will allow
you to:

  1. work on all major muscle groups in your body 
  2. it gives your muscles enough time to recover 
  3. doesn't make you feel too sore after workout
  4. enables you to get more work done in less time
  5. keeps your motivation level up - because it's easier for you to find the time to go to the gym

Can I go to the gym only 3 days a week and still see results?

The short answer is "Yes".

The longer answer suggests you can definitely hit the gym only 3 times a week, but you need to take several points into consideration.

Your nutrition and meal plan, the number or sets and reps you do every workout, your rest days, and the weight you lift.

And that's exactly why the 3 days split workout is great for almost everyone.

If you're not skipping workout's, if you are able to add weights over time, you're noticing changes in your physique, your muscles don't feel sore and you have the energy to back you up, you know the 3 day program is working for you.

Side Note #2

make sure you stick with compound exercises and movements in every workout. 

My split workout program

Like I promised, here's my personal split workout program.

This workout program helped me and many of my friends when we just started out our journey to a bulkier and muscular figure.

And I know for sure that if you keep going and be persistent, you'll see the results you want to see.

Side Note #3

You can play with the number of sets and reps as you want.

Find your sweet spot and balance between weight load, sets and reps.

It's not written in stone, just make sure you do more than Minimum 6 reps.

and You'll notice that I haven't listed any abs exercises.

That's because you can do them every day you workout, or on your rest days. It's up to you. 

wrap up

3 Day split workout program is a solid program choice for those who're starting out, but also for more experienced body builders.  

This split workout program holds a lot of benefits for you.

It gives your muscles the time to recover, you get more done in less time, it can help keep your motivation level up, and It can give you major results faster.

Don't forget that you can mix things up a bit and switch to 4 day or even 5 day split workout.

As long of course that it fits your schedule and the goals you have for yourself. 

Good luck!

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