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Straight from my personal training handbook:

Health is an illness- totally free state of well- being that permits an individual to experience enhanced quality of life and self-reliance. Fitness is a requirement- based procedure of physical efficiency. An individual does not have to be fit to be healthy, nor is an individual guaranteed health due to the fact that they are fit.

Many of the misunderstandings surrounding these commonly used terms have to make with the concept that both appear unified: you are fit, for that reason you are healthy; the promise being that if you do not show any indications of health problem such as discomfort or pain, you think about yourself healthy, and if you are able to perform physically, you consider yourself fit.

Some Important Facts:

The 2 significant elements of physical fitness are either health- associated or performance related

If you start puffing and huffing after climbing up a few stairs (health related) however generally you are not obese, eat a well balanced diet and live an other active life, typical blood pressure etc, you are healthy- but not fit.

health and fitnessIf on the other hand, you stand out when it comes to performance- related abilities, such as agility, speed, coordination etc, but struggle with high levels of stress, and boast about how your bad eating habits do not impact your fitness levels, you are fit, but not necessarily healthy

Could There Be A Happy Medium?

What is the very first image that comes to mind when you think fitness? Aerobics Images of an incredibly fit, hot and energetic instructor jumping up and down or dancing and sweating profusely in an effort to get you in the best shape of your life.

Fact is, without resistance training, concentrating on cardio alone will not help you build muscle. In an ideal world, you would always alternate in between aerobic exercises and resistance training; in our stressful, non ideal world however, this is not always possible, so if you’re pressed for time and should choose between the 2, choose resistance training. It does not matter if you join a fitness center or use your body as your training equipment at your home; resistance training will get you fit, healthy and toned.

And you need to build muscle (or preserve it).

Will Brinks, in his book BodyBuilding Revealed, composes: “To be genuinely fit we need to leave the traditional cardio rut, and work at strengths that need energy from non- oxygen reliant pathways” So while the advantages of cardio training are essential, if a happy medium eludes you, try lifting weights. But … if running or hiking is your thing hey, I’ll see you at the top.


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