Its hard to meet someone who isn't worried about their weight and how to lose it.

A lot of women have a hard time getting to their desired weight, and most of
them don't even know how and where to start, when it comes to losing weight. 

Sure there are a lot of diet's, ways and techniques to lose weight, unfortunately a lot
of them either do not work, don't give you the result you were looking for, or the 
results didn't last that long.

Finding a diet that works for you, and will last for a life time can be hard job, simply
because, that kind of diet does not exists.

That's why you need to stop looking for magical and fast diets, and switch your
focus to your lifestyle.

The reason most people are overweight is because of their lifestyle.
Your lifestyle is what dictating who you are, how you look and how you feel. 

And in this article i'll share with you 5 techniques that will help you change your
lifestyle, and thus will help you to lose weight.

5 takes on how to lose weight by changing your lifestyle

start By, Asking yourself "why"

motivation level up - lose weight

Your attitude towards changing your lifestyle is crucial. You'll need to really want it.
Unfortunately, people don't want to change the way they live until it is to late, or till
they hit rock bottom. 

Therefore, take a moment to write down WHY you want to lose weight, write down 
every feeling that you have. If it's strong enough, you just made the first step in changing your life. 

If you believe you can do it, you're probably right, if you believe you can't do it, you're probably right too. 

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If you don't believe in yourself, and if the reason is not strong enough, you will give up pretty much in no time. Its that simple!

So try to come up with a lot of reason to why you want to lose weight. Like:

  • I want to be healthier
  • I want to look slimmer
  • I want to be able to wear a bikini 
  • I want to get in shape

And so on.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said "Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

But, this is something you build over time. So, no matter how hard it may be, keep your head up, think of the moment when you will look at yourself and you'll love
what you'll see.

Not because you 10, 20, or 30 lbs lighter, because you've set yourself a goal and
you achieved it. 

Next, Set a Deadline To Your Goal

set a deadline - lose weight

Set a deadline to your goal. 

"I'm going to lose 5 pounds by __/__". Or "I have one month, STARTING NOW to lose
5 pounds".

It is much easier to stay motivated if you have a concrete goal. 

If you think you're gonna "lose 30 pounds in 30 days" be prepared to either intensify
like crazy your commitment, or to be disappointed. And i'm not even gonna talk
about how unhealthy and risky that will be.

A more reasonable goal may be "lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks".

After your achieved that goal, all you have to do is just to repeat the process again.
It's usually better to go slow and to be consistent, than to go all in, in your first try.

You get the idea. But, make sure you set a reasonable and somewhat achievable goal.

Remember To Reward Yourself Once You've Reached Your Goal 

motivation - lose weight

To make you feel good about the process, and to keep yourself going, make sure
you reward yourself when you reach each of your goals.

Buy yourself a new workout gear, go out to dinner with your loved ones.

Celebrate the achievement! Enjoy yourself!

And then, start to plan your way to get to your next goal.

A nice way to keep your motivation level up, is to write down your goal on a big piece of paper, and pin it somewhere you could see it everyday.

Personally, I wrote down my goal on a large block of paper, and I taped it to my ceiling. I know, some of you will think its a bit out there and crazy. BUT, every
morning I opened my eyes, that block of paper was the first thing my eyes saw. 

And that's how I started my day, every day! This little trick kept me going till I
reached my goal, and I bet it will help you too.

Do Not Starve Yourself 

do not starve yourself - lose weight

There's no need for you to start starving yourself.

Remember that if you start consuming less than 50% of your overall daily calorie
intake, your body will think it is being starved and will slow down your weight loss

Since this isn't an articles about the various diet plans or nutrition plans out there,
make sure you pick a nutrition plan that is good for you.

Consult with a dietitian or nutritionist that could build you a plan that is most suitable for you.

Exercise Regularly To Increase ​Your Metabolism

metabolism - lose weight

Your metabolic rate is the key to gaining or losing weight.

And the best way to accelerate your metabolism is...... To exercise, duh!

Aerobic workouts that get your heart rate to the fat burning zone, will help you burn
more calories, and to increase your metabolism.

Weight training and building muscles will tone and shape your body. 

Also make sure you eat more often, and that you eat less per meal.

These frequent small meals will keep your metabolism going strong to help your body burn more calories.

Key Takeaways

Important things to keep in mind that keep your metabolism level up:
1) Eat small portions regularly, and more often
2) Exercise regularly
3) Build up your muscles by doing some weight lifting
4) Keep moving and keep your goals in sight. Literally
5) Drink water.


Losing weight or maintaining your weight does not have to be a struggle.

Teach yourself how to change your bad eating habits with healthy ones.
The best diet is no diet at all.

If the will to change comes from within you, you will see life altering progress in no time.

And please, DO NOT compare yourself to others! It's one of the biggest mistakes you can do. We all have a different bodies, different pace, different metabolism, and
so on.

Therefore focus on yourself and on whatever makes you feel good. Keep your spirit
and your motivation up. Focus on your goals, and keep in mind those should be reachable goals, 

I hope you find these 5 keys helpful in your journey towards a slimmer you and a
better lifestyle.

Good luck and go Lose that weight!

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