I like to believe that the future success, or failure, of a weight loss plan can be
somewhat figured out at the check out lane in the supermarket. 

How you grocery shop, and the types of food you purchase have a direct effect on your eating habits in your daily life. 

Actually, I can go as far as saying, we can learn a lot about a person. just by looking in his grocery cart.

How many times did this happened to you.
You walk into your local supermarket, thinking to yourself, this time its really going to be fast, just in and out, i'm outta here. 

And eventually, not only you end up spending more than an hour shopping, but you buy ton of items you didn't really need, and in most cases they're not even healthy for you.

Look, I get it, it used to happen to me. I would get in the store, and would end up with a lot of things I didn't really need. 

Well it can be hard, you get surrounded by intoxicating smell of all kinds of foods, there are special sales and discounts as far as your eyes can see, how can you not end up buying crap you don't need and is not healthy for you? 

How? by implementing these practical tips for better grocery shopping, that will get you on the best track for weight loss success!

1: Never Shop Hungry

tips for grocery shopping - shop hungry

Shopping on a empty stomach is the worst thing you can do.

Hunger can, and will take control over your brain and interfere with healthy choice making. Don' t let momentary cravings determine what winds up in your cart.

What enters your cart will enter your kitchen, and from there, it's a smooth cruising road to your stomach.

If you are planning a "grocery trip", make sure you do so after a meal, or at least have a fast and healthy treat before you go out, like these.

2: Make A List

tips for grocery shopping - make a list

Plan ahead, your list is your friend.

Without one you'll simply walk aimlessly, and end up with things you don't need, and more than likely, you'll forget some things that you really did need. 

Write down exactly what meals you are going to prepare and eat in the week

Check your fridge and pantry, and make a list of the things you have, the things you're missing and need in order to prepare the meals you have planned for yourself.

To make your grocery trip even more effective, sort your list by food category.

This will keep you from zig-zagging through the shop.

This way, the chance of you ending up buying things you don't need, and maybe even bad things for your health, is lower. 

3: Stick To the Basics

food pyramid - tips for grocery shopping

There are some items you should always have on hand when trying to eat healthy.

You should make a list of healthy dry products that you like, and try to always have them in stock.

So make sure you include them in your grocery list appropriately.

Here is a fast list of healthy dry good kitchen products:

These are actually some my favorite items I can't live without.

4: Avoid the Middle

supermarket - tips for grocery shopping

Try to avoid the middle of the store. I know it may sound strange, but here me out. 

Go to your local supermarket and check what types of foods are stored along the main aisles of the supermarket.

This is where you will find all the genuine good and healthy food. 

You'll find all the fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, and dairy.
Stick to these areas.

Avoid the middle of the store, which is where you will normally find all the
processed/fast foods, soda, chips, snacks, sweets, and so on.

Think of it as if the middle of the store is a forbidden city, and we never enter the forbidden city.

Remember, whatever end's up in your shopping cart, will end up in your stomach.

So give yourself the edge, make a list and strike the supermarket with a weight loss shopping technique!

Tips for Grocery Shopping - Helps You to Lose Weight
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Tips for Grocery Shopping - Helps You to Lose Weight
I like to believe that the future success, or failure, of a weight loss plan, can be somewhat figured out at the check out lane in the supermarket. Implementing these practical tips for better grocery shopping will get you on the best track for weight loss success!
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