total gym supreme - on the budget all in one home gym 

Having something like the total gym supreme right in your home can do wonders to your workout time. 

The Supreme is the entry level home gym from the total gym brand. 

It's not sophisticated as it's brothers, the XLS and the FIT, but it also does not fall far behind. 

So if you ever wanted your own home gym without breaking the bank, and you ever wondered about an all in one home gym, you're in the right place. 

Lets get started.

total gym supreme review

total gym reviews - total gym supreme





  • PROS
  • CONS
  • supports over 60 exercises
  • it offers a full body workout
  • comes fully Assembled 
  • smooth Transitional motions that are easy on the joints
  • can help with physical therapy
  • great for resistance and cardio training
  • will improve flexibility and fitness levels
  • 12 levels of resistance
  • comes with a ton of helpful material to get you started
  • comes with 4 attachments

what is the total gym supreme?

Owning the Total Gym Supreme is like having a your own home gym on a budget. 

The supreme is the entry level model in a line of a long well appreciated home gym's from this brand.

It will allow you to workout your entire body by providing you the ability to perform over 60 exercises on it, with the option to choose from 12 different resistance levels. 

But more on that later.

This one machine will target all major muscle groups in your body, and will help improve your overall fitness, cardio, flexibility, muscles mass, and it will even help you with weight loss. 

So right now you're probably asking yourself:

Does the total gym work?

But what you should really be asking yourself is: 

Will I Work the total gym?

Cause you see, there's is no fitness equipment that will do the hard work for you. 

The Total Gym Supreme, like almost any other fitness equipment out there, will
help you get results only if you're consistent. 

So before you go ahead and treat your self with one, take a moment to think and decide whether you're really going to use it.

However, there's one field where the Total Gym Supreme won't help that much, if at all. And that is if you're after getting bigger and pumped. 

Why? Keep reading.

Working out in home

If you'll look at the other alternatives our there, like:

  • Buying a full/semi stack of home gym equipment. (considering you have the space and the budget)
  • Or going for a different and more expensive all in one home gym.

you'll understand why considering an on the budget all in one home gym, like the Total Gym Supreme, can be a smart consideration. 

That is, if you're actually willing to put in the work.

The ability to workout in your own home, whenever you want, can make the difference between not having the mental strength to go to the gym after work, and between coming home, putting on your workout cloths and start pumping.

It's not just that with the Total Gym Supreme you can complete a full body workout in relatively short time, but it's also the exercises that are executed on this machine can be combined to a series of transitional movements. 

This fact is what will allow you to complete a full body workout that is also easy on the joints.

As a result, you're getting a boost in motivation because it's suddenly so easy and convenient for you to actually stick to your workout's -> which will lead to results -> which will boost your motivation even further -> which will make you workout even harder -> which will lead to you living happily ever after. 

Unless, you'll start using it as coat rack. 

who should use the total gym supreme?

There's no one right answer to this question. 

Due to the fact that the Total Gym Supreme can be used to serve various goals. 

Above all it can be used by people whose main goal is to improve their fitness level and ability.

Now lets break that into sub-categories. 

This machine can help you:

  1. Boost your cardio.
  2. Burn Fat.
  3. Tone your body
  4. Build muscles. (But there's a limit, keep reading)
  5. Recover from injury. (The supreme is great for people who can't lift weights)
  6. Improve your flexibility.

Furthermore, add to all of the above the fact that this home gym, (like all the others in the total gym series) is so easy to use and adjust to one's need's, and therefore almost anyone, even if they've never exercised before can start their workout sessions on this thing and slowly build their way to the top.

All you are required to do is to set your resistance level, (there are 12 you can choose from), and follow the workout's provided with the Supreme. 

who shouldn't use it?

In contrast to the above, you shouldn't use the Total Gym Supreme if your goal is to get bigger. 

Without getting into technicalities of muscle growth, the total gym uses a resistance level that is based on your own body weights. 

Meaning the tension you apply on your muscles is coming from your own body weight. 

In Supreme terms, that's approximately 60% of your body's weight, once you'll reach that limit, that's it for you and for your Supreme, and it will mean you will have to look for another home gym. 

Simply because muscle grow when you progressively overload them with resistance, and when it comes to this home gym, you should know upfront, that there's a limit to the overload you can apply on your muscles. 

Finally though, you should also keep in mind that reaching 60% of your body weight is not easy. 

But as a thumb rule, if you want to get bigger and pumped, this home gym is not for you. 

the total gym supreme vs xls

Total Gym XLS

Total Gym supreme

total gym xls buy
total gym supreme

80 Exercises

60 exercises



6 Levels of resistance

12 Levels Of Resistance

max user weight of 400 lbs

max user weight of 275 lbs

3 attachments included

4 attachments included

5 dVDs included

4 dVDs included

Unit weighs 68 lbs

Unit weighs 56 lbs

lifetime Warranty on Frame

1 year Warranty on Frame

6 months Warranty on parts

6 months Warranty on parts

The Supreme falls behind the XLS in three major fields. 

  • You can do only 60 exercises on it, while that on the XLS you can do over 80. 
  • You get only 1 year of warranty on the frame, and with the XLS you're getting a life time warranty.
    Hence, if something will happen to the frame of your Supreme after the warranty has expired, you will have to either repair it, if possible and it's worth it, or replace it. 
  • If you're over 275 lbs, the Supreme is not for you, and you will have to go for something a bit more serious than it.

Also keep in mind that the max resistance you can apply in the Supreme is approx 60% of your total body weight. So if you weigh 275 lbs that means that the max weight you can "lift" equals to 160 lbs. 

On the other hand, the Supreme comes with one of Total Gym's best selling attachment, the Abcrunch, with it you will be able to over 10 different exercises that target the abs. 

Personally I've found that the Abcrunch actually enhances my workout and adds another dimension that was lacking on my Total Gym Supreme. 

full overview

First of all as I said at the beginning, the Total Gym Supreme is the entry level home gym model from this brand, and thus also the cheapest. 

Which despite what you might think, doesn't necessary means that he falls way behind his more sophisticated and expensive brothers. And besides, cheap is actually relative term.

But above all we should look at it as an "on the budget home gym that provides a full body workout".

And by this standard we shell inspect it. 

So, let us start.

The Concept Behind It 

The home gyms by Total Gym use a resistance level based on gravity, which means your body acts as the tension supplier on your muscles. And the supreme is no different. 

This frees you from having to deal with weights, adding or removing plates, and every thing related to that. However, as I said before, this also limit your potential growth. 

If you're OK with that, and you're not looking to get pumped, keep reading. 

Before you start your workout you will need to chose your resistance level. ​

When you just starting out I suggest you start with a low level as 2 or 3, just to get the feel of it, if it's way to easy for you, go even higher, but first try to complete a full body workout and make sure your body does not fatigue too early. 

The Total Gym Supreme uses an inclined glideboard, which you will sit or lay on, depends on the exercise you're doing.

Any way, the glide-board sits on two rails, and you will have to pull yourself while you're on the glide-board, and the incline level you've set earlier acts as the resistance level, the higher you go, the harder the workout. 

The Glide-Board

When you first get on the glide-board the feeling is kinda of strange, but in a good way.

The glide-board isn't as comfortable as the glide-board that the XLS's has or the Total Gym FIT has, but it's not that bad.

And compared to other home gyms or weight benches, it's definitely more comfortable than any I had my back on. 

Working out on this thing is quite refreshing, and that comes from someone that used to spend more time in the gym than in his own home. 

There are two pulling cables located at the head of the Supreme connected to handles, and these two will act as your pulling device. 

In addition you can use the attachments that you get, most noteworthy is the Abcrunch that will get you working your abdominal, and it's a great attachment especially for people who can't do sit ups for any reason. 

Working Out On It

So you've set a resistance level, you got on the glide-board and you've got both handles in your hands, now what? 

First of all, there over 60 exercises you can do on the Total Gym Supreme. 

The Total Gym guys say you can complete a full body workout in 10 to 20 minutes, but I tend to disagree with them. 

And it's not because you can't, you could, but I would recommend to go for a real full body workout, that takes around 45 mins' to an hour to complete. 

The Supreme can cover all major muscle groups in your body, so if you got the time, put in the effort. 


Like with the rest of models from this brand, the exercises you will do on this model are smooth and transitional, you can move from your shoulders to your chest, biceps, triceps, etc. 

The workout here has smaller impact on the joints in contrast to a weight lifting workout.

Therefore this home gym will be a great option for people who're recovering from injuries, or need help with their physical therapy.

Furthermore, what I love about in all total gym's home gyms is the fact that any one, no matter what is their fitness level can use this machine. 

You're a beginner? Not a problem. You've never worked out before? Not a problem.

This machine is so easy to use that you don't need time to adjust, just make sure you follow the DVD's and instructions you'll get. 

User Friendly

What makes the Total Gym Supreme to a really easy to use home gym is not just that fact that it's easy to operate it.

But also because there's 4 DVD's to get you off on the right foot. 

I heard a lot of people jumped head first when they first started using this home
gym and got lost, just because they didn't follow instruction they got for free.

This machine is not your regular/traditional gym equipment, thankfully it comes
with a bunch of helpful material to help you get started.

If you're a beginner, these's DVD's are life savers. This eliminates all need to come up by yourself with what exercises you should do. 

Therefore I highly recommend you first watch them, and then start your first ever workout on this home gym.


There's a lot of pros that can be counted in favor of the Total Gym Supreme. 

So besides the fact that this machine can provide a full body workout right in the comfort of your own home, which is pretty obvious.

Above all is the fact that in it's price range, it's probably the best body weight resistance based home gym you can find. 

Another element to consider is the ability to perform over 60 exercises on 12 different resistance levels.

This assures that both beginners and advanced fit users can find a challenging workout on this machine. 

It comes with a lot of helpful material to help you start and to get the max out of your workouts. 

Furthermore it even comes with the Abcrunch which is one of total gym best selling attachment. For comparison, the Total Gym XLS users, which is Total Gym's best selling home gym, have to pay extra to get the Abcrunch. 

Another important consideration is, that it folds for storage. 

And I guess that the cherry on the top is that this machine can help to people who're recovering from physical injury, since this home gym provide a workout that is easy on the joints. 


But what is wrong with it? 

Well, first of all, even though it costs less than the XLS and the FIT, the Supreme could still be expensive for some.

And for the people who are willing to buy this model, well some of them could possibly buy the better XLS model, since the difference in the price is not that high. 

Second, you only get 1 year of warranty on an already expensive equipment, Total Gym should have given lifetime warranty like they grant their customers who purchase the XLS/FIT.

In the Pros section I've listed the fact that this home gym (like all the other home gyms from this brand) folds. However, it takes time and practice to learn how to fold it properly since it is not that easy as you see on TV. 

Also keep in mind that even when folded it's dimensions are: 15.5″ W x 50.5″ L x 8″ H.

This doesn't help for easy storage. At least not under my bed. A closet would be fine I guess. 

And most noteworthy is to remember that if you're after getting bigger and pumped, this home gym is not for you. Stick to weight lifting. 

And finally is the actual weight of the unit. This home gym weighs 56 Lbs, I know that for some it will mean they will have a hard time moving it, folding/unfolding it, etc. 

Possible Cons

When compared to it's more expensive brothers we can see that with the Total Gym Supreme you will only get 4 DVD's, while that with the XLS and the FIT you will get 5/6 accordingly. 

But what's even more sad is the fact that you won't get the training deck with the supreme. 

The training deck is like your personal trainer. With the XLS and the FIT you'll get workout cards.

And these color coded cards, both for men and women, act as your trainer.

There are bunch of exercises these cards explain you how to do, and the color of the cards help you identify the intensity of the exercise. 

The cards go on your training deck which is in the head of the machine, and this way you got your entire workout session laid out in front of you. 

Too bad total gym didn't include a training deck with the Supreme.


total gym reviews

Product Name:

Total Gym Supreme

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Home Gym


The Total Gym Supreme is probably the best body weight resistance based home gym. In it's price range.

This "on the budget" all in one home gym does not pack as much features as his more expensive brothers do. 

But it can provide a full body workout with over 60 exercises and 12 different resistance levels.

Generally speaking, it should be enough for you if you're after improving your overall fitness, boost some muscles and get in shape.

However, if you're after getting bigger and pumped, you should look elsewhere, since this machine will not help you with that.

But despite the fact that it can't pump your muscles like free weights can, the supreme can provide you with a challenging workout, whether you're beginner, or once gym dweller.


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