Alternative Exercises

Tiered of doing the same ol' exercise over and over again? Then You've come to the right place!

These alternative exercises will help you spice up your workouts and keep your muscles growing and on the edge every single time.

February 11, 2023

Straight arm pulldowns are a stellar exercise to build a jacked back. They’re straightforward and an isolation movement, meaning you really target your latissimus dorsi (more on the exact muscle groups targeted later) while keeping the majority of the rest of your body out of the movement.But what if you don’t have access to a cable

February 9, 2023

dumbbell pullovers are a key exercise in many chest workout programs (it can also target your lats with a slight variation). It’s an isolation exercise that can get you serious upper body mass when done correctly. But what if you don’t have the right equipment or perhaps struggle with poor mobility in your shoulder joints? Or

July 16, 2022

The bench press is a staple in most strength training programs, and for a good reason — it effectively targets big upper body muscles (more on exactly which muscles below).But what if you don’t have a weight bench? Or you don’t have one that inclines? Or do you only have dumbbells, or have hit a

August 6, 2022

Lat pulldowns are a stellar exercise to strengthen the muscles of your back. Whether you’re trying to master pull ups or just want a ripped back, the lat pulldown is your friend.But it does come with some potential limitations. What if you don’t have access to a lat pulldown machine?Or what if you’re stuck or have

June 11, 2022

If you’ve ever been in a gym or around a set of barbells, you’ve likely seen someone doing a barbell front squat. It’s a stellar move to target the quads and glutes and a solid way to build muscle mass in your legs.That said, front squats can come with a few challenges. What if you don’t

May 31, 2022

Chest dips are an excellent bodyweight exercise that targets your chest muscles plus hits your triceps and anterior deltoids (more on this later). But what if you don’t have a set of parallel bars or simply want to shake up your chest workout routine? Enter the 13 best alternative exercises for chest dips! Let’s dig in. Here’s

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