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In this post I will share with you the best Weider home gym equipment that can take your home gym setup to the next level.

Face it, there are ton of home gym equipment out there for you to chose from.

And searching for just the right one for yourself can be quite a task.

Well your search ends here.

What I personally love about the items that I'm about to share with you below are their:

  • functionality
  • Benefits they offer
  • price

The value these home gym equipment items by Weider offer, is great, considering their price.

A side note though, that is not always the case.

And that's because one particular item on this list costs a lot, well at least for me.

Don't worry though, I saved it for last.

Anyway, it's all up to you, your goals, and the items you want to use to help you get to your goal. 

So let's start.

Best Weider Home Gym Equipment

weider ultimate body works

I call this one "a cheap version of the Total Gym Supreme".

Both home gyms use your body weight as a resistance to apply the tension on your muscles.

But unlike the supreme, on the Weider ultimate body works you'll find resistance bands.

These resistance band will increase the resistance weight with an extra 50 lbs.

1+ to the Weider home gym.

I love this type of all in one home gyms for several reasons.

First of all, they're so compact in contrast to full stack home gyms. 

In addition, they fold. Including this model. 

Furthermore, you can switch between exercises without any effort.

One minute you're doing a bench press, and a second later you're doing chest fly.

This allows you to get the most out of your workout, really working all the muscles in each and every muscle group.

In theory you can complete a full body workout in less than 45 minutes.

The resistance is adjusted by setting the incline.

The steeper the incline, the higher the resistance. 

It's got 7 resistance levels, and though the incline is not as steep like on the supreme, it can still provide a hard workout.

Not many home gyms can offer over 50 exercises for you to chose from.

Especially on this price level.

Yet, with the ultimate body works you get just that.

Bottom line, this is a highly affordable, versatile, compact, full body workout home gym.

The Good Stuff:
  • offers over 50 exercises
  • folds
  • Adjustable resistance band that add extra 50 lbs to the resistance weight
  • the ability to switch between exercises with ease & quickly
  • offers a full body workout
The Bad Stuff:
  • not as smooth as the total gym
  • incline level could have been steeper
  • only 90-Days Parts & Labor warranty
  • not that easy to fold
  • max user weight is 250 lbs

weider 2980x home gym

If your more into an all in one home gym, the Weider 2980X home gym is something worth taking into consideration. 

It doesn't take up much space, and it can provide a good workout. 

A full body workout actually.

With its 6 workout stations you'll be to complete a full body workout if you like.

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Shoulders

The interesting part about this weight stack home gym is that, it comes with only 80 lbs of weight plates (cement covered with PVC), but the actual resistance weight can go all the way up to 214 lbs.

According to Weider, this is due to the fact that the cables and pulleys system can also provide an extra resistance.

Its space saving design (only 5.5 ft in depth and 3.1 ft in width) is great if you don't have much room. However, it is rather short, and I wouldn't recommend this model to anyone above 6'.

What I don't like about the resistance is that it's not a beginner friendly system. 

The least amount of weight that you can stack if you're using the lower pulley system is 60 lbs! That means that if you're a beginner you're most likely, not going to be able to lift that.

In contrast to that, you do get an exercise chart which is great for beginners who don't know how to start.

Just make sure you can lift at least 60 lbs.

The Good Stuff:
  • offers a full body workout
  • resistance weight of 214 lbs
  • 6 workout stations
  • has a preacher curl station
The Bad Stuff:
  • Requires assembly 
  • not suitable for tall people
  • resistance weight start at 60 lbs

weider power tower

I must admit that the Weider power tower is one of my favorites on this list. 

Why is that you ask? 

Well simply because of the value this one machine can add to your workout. 

This 7 ft tall power tower is a real power house. And it won't take that much room.

The footprint of this thing is just 4.9 ft (145 cm) in length and 3.5 ft (104 cm) in width.

Pretty compact I think. And considering all that it provides, it's even more amazing.

It's got a pull up bar, allowing you to work your back, biceps and triceps. 

it also got a vertical knee station which will enable you to work your abs, legs and arms. 

If that's not enough there's also a dip station and a push up station.

All of these together, if you'll ask me, can provide a heck of a workout. 

You basically target *almost* every major muscle group in your body with this one machine.

One thing though. You will have to assemble it, and if you've never done something like this before, you might find it hard to assemble. 

Not impossible, just hard. But you will have to to assemble it correctly.

unless you'll might find yourself with a rocking power swing, and not a power tower. 

The Good Stuff:
  • great Price to Value ratio
  • versatile machine
  • solid
  • max user weight is 300lbs
The Bad Stuff:
  • needs an extra attention when assembling
  • might be too short for people who are over 6'3.
  • if not assembled correctly you'll get a rocking power tower.

weider pro 255 l weight bench

The chance's of you walking into a gym and not finding a weight bench are low to never gonna happen.

Weight bench is a must in any commercial gym. 

And a folding weight bench is a must in any home gym. 

And a good one will be comfortable enough, strong and durable and versatile.

Which is pretty much what we have here. The Pro 255 L uses a vinyl seat and hard cushioning. You might feel it too hard for you, but over time it will lose it's tension. 

On another note, this bench has 6 incline positions. Flat, upright (90°), and 3 additional incline angles.

Considering the price of this model, it's quite surprising it has this much.

In addition, something else you don't see in a lot of bench's in this price range is the leg lock-down bars. 

This adds the safety that is much needed when dealing with free weights.

Furthermore, this will allow you to do sit ups and crunches a lot more comfortably.

Overall it's a versatile weight bench that can make your workout a lot more fun and effective, the only way a weight bench can.

And for it's price, it's practically unbeatable.

The Good Stuff:
  • inexpensive
  • comfortable
  • versatile
  • max user weight of 300 lbs
  • overall weight 410 lbs
The Bad Stuff:
  • looks cheap
  • the built is not that good
  • some complain about the quality of it's design

weider bungee bench

If you're into low impact workouts and don't want to deal with free weights, then the Weider bungee bench might be the answer for you. 

It's not really a bench in the full sense of the word, it's more like a multi purpose workout chair.

And the main feature of this "bench" is its chair.

It's got two positions, one is the locked position, and the second is the swiveling.

With a simple handle pull, the chair goes from locked to swiveling. 

This swiveling mode allows a larger range of motion and increase the tension on your muscles.

It's also got three resistance level's for you to chose from, low, medium and high. 

And the backrest has two incline positions to help diversify your workout just a little bit more. 

In addition, this folding bench has two pulley stations, upper and lower. 

Like many all in one home gyms, you can easily switch between resistance levels and pulleys with a simple unclipping and clipping the handles.

That is why I like this bench so much, it's so easy to use.

Keep in mind though, that if you're after getting bigger, this bench is not for you. 

It's more for people who want to workout their muscles and keep them the way they are. 

Not for people who want to get bigger. 

The Good Stuff:
  • inexpensive
  • offers great workout 
  • folding and portable
The Bad Stuff:
  • not for people who want to get bigger
  • you can't add any more resistance

weider total body works 5000

Just like the Weider ultimate body works, the Weider total body works 5000 is an all in one home gym that uses the weight of your body as the resistance.

And you'll also find here the same resistance bands that add the same up to 50 lbs of resistance just like in the Ultimate.

And just like the Ultimate, the 5000 will be a great solution for beginners and fit users as well.

You can do over 50 exercises on this Weider home gym, which again, it's not the highest number when compared to it's competitors like the Total Gym Fit, but when considering its price, it's unbeatable.

The great thing about the type of workout this model offers is the ability to switch between exercises with such an ease that you'll get the max out of each workout.

And just like with the ultimate body works, you'll find yourself doing chest press and a second later you're already doing chest fly and minute later you're doing shoulders press.

All without getting up or switching cables.

This model will be great for you if you live in a small apartment or if you don't have that much fee space in your garage.

However. keep in mind that this home gym is not for you if you're after getting bigger and pumped. 

The Good Stuff:
  • offers a full body workout
  • got resistance bands that add up to 50 lbs of resistance
  • assembled from the box
The Bad Stuff:
  • not for users who want to get bigger
  • Incline Level Could Have Been Steeper
  • Max User Weight Is 250 Lbs

weider pro 265 - bench press

So we already know the importance of having a weight bench to workout on. 

And the Weider Pro 265 is more than a decent weight bench. 

Despite it's inexpensive price the pro 265 can offer you huge value.

True that it only has two seating positions, flat and incline, but the 265 compensate with a preacher curl and leg station. 

So with this one weight bench you can mainly work on your pecks, biceps, and legs.

Not bad for the price. 

And if you don't already own your own set of weight plates, the included 80 lbs vinyl weight set is a nice touch.

On the downside, this might be a tad short for some. 

The bench's seat is somewhat narrow, and the stands that hold the weight bar are too close to each other.

I have no idea why Weider didn't opened the width of this thing.

On the other hand, the bars being close is actually handy when doing close grip bench press. 

To wrap thing up, this is an inexpensive versatile weight bench, its built is great, especially for the price, and the assembly is rather easy. 

So if you're looking for a cheap, get the job done sort of weight bench, this little baby might be good for you.

The Good Stuff:
  • Inexpensive weight bench
  • versatile - offers chest, arms and leg workout
  • 80 lbs weight set included
The Bad Stuff:
  • seat being too narrow
  • weight bar stand are close to each other

weider pro 8500 smith weight cage

OK, so this is where things get a bit more serious.

That is, if you're up for the ride. 

The Weider pro 8500 smith weight cage is a monster of a home gym equipment. Actually we can call it a full home gym set up.

This 9 ft long and 6.11 ft wide machine will be more than enough for most people.

This monstrous smith cage has an adjustable weight bench, chest fly station, rolled preacher pad, four post squat rack, several pulleys stations, a pull up station, leg developer, and of course, a weight plate storage. 

The workout possibilities are countless on this thing. 

I must say though, that for the average user this type of home gym is more than he or she might need. 

But if you're looking to get a real gym experience, then all you have to do is to ask and this smith cage will deliver.

The good thing about smith machines is that the motion you do, when you're doing squat for example, is safer because the weight bar is secured between two steel rails that allow only vertical movement.

Which in turn makes this machine to a more newbie friendly than a power rack, where the movement is free.

The downside is that the warranty is only 90 days for parts and labor. 

The Good Stuff:
  • full home gym station
  • weight bench, squat station, pulleys stations, etc.
  • 80 lbs weight set included
The Bad Stuff:
  • pricey. very pricey
  • only 90 days warranty
  • no seat for the lat pulldown bar
  • need to spend extra on weights

Wrapping it up on the best weider home gym equipment

So, as you can see, Weider offers a large variety of home gym equipment, all there's left for you to do is to chose the one that:

  1. You know for sure you will use and not turn it into a coat rack
  2. Help's you with achieving you goal
  3. Fit's in your budget
  4. Fit's your house, size wise

I hope you found this list helpful, don't forget to leave a comment below and let me know what you thought about the items I chose to feature here.

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