Weight Lifting Program For Beginners – Start Today

by: Michael Perry

March 17, 2022

Weight lifting program for beginners needs to be a specific program for you. Of course there are some general guidelines every beginner should follow, and in this article I will tell what are the 7 fundamental cores of a good weight lifting program.

There are a lot of benefits to lifting weights, some are, it increases your strength, it makes your bones stronger, boosts your metabolic rate, makes you leaner
and fitter, and it can even help you lose weight for good

If you want to sculpt your body, build up mass, muscles, and strengthen your body, weight lifting is the way for you. And in case you're just starting out in the weight lifting world, I have some pointers to help you getting started the right way.

If you want to improve your body's strength core, endurance, or you're conditioning 
to a sport event, you might want to look up body weight training. 

Check my article on Weight Lifting Vs Body Weight Training, to get a sense on the difference between the two methods. 

How to start weight lifting

A good weight lifting program consists of three things. You, Your Goal, And A Deadline. 

All the rest is totally achievable and maintainable, but it's also totally up to you to actually go through and stick to the program.

1. Learn about the Muscles Groups

Muscles anterior labeled

First of all, educate yourself about the muscles in your body. No, i'm not saying go back to your anatomy books. I'm just saying learn about the muscles you will work on.

The deltoids, the biceps and triceps, the latissimus dorsi and the trapezius on the back, the "pecs" and the abs, the hamstrings and the quadriceps and so on.

A lot of people heard these terms before, but few actually know what they mean. 

2. Build A Weight lifting program that is specifically for you

Next you would want to build a workout program that suits your needs and goals.
Its best to get the help of someone professional on this one, or you can use one of the many forums online and ask people to help you build a program based on your needs and goals. 

3. Build a meal plan that is specifically for you

meal plan - weight lifting for beginners

A solid meal plan is at the heart of every weight lifting program. 

Again, you should seek the help of a professional on this, so that he can build a meal plan around you and your needs. 

Of course you can use the internet, but I highly recommend, at least when you're just starting out to sit down with a pro and build your meal plan together. 

4. Always Stretch And Warm Up

Warming up speeds up blood flow in your body before you start your workout. Stretching improves flexibility of your body's and muscles in

Another reason you should warm up before workout is that, warming up help prevent injury, which decreases the chance of you pulling a muscle. 

5. Learn the proper form 

Start off by learning the proper form of each technique. Proper exaction of routines will prevent you from straining your muscles and getting injured, and on the plus side, it will improve your strength and build up your muscles quicker. 

Therefore make sure you start with low weights, to build up your coordination and to perfect your forms.

6. Breath, Dammit, Breath! 

Iv'e seen way too many gym dwellers holding their breath when performing a routine. It's not good ya'll, really not good.  

You want to supply oxygen to your brain, yes even when you workout.

By not doing so, you're risking getting blacked the heck out, I mean it's worse enough to get a black out, but it's even worse to get one when you bench press.

7. Focus on compound exercises 

Compound exercises involve multi-joint movement, and they work on several muscles at the same time. 

By working on several muscles groups and moving several joints at the same, you're actually getting more work done in less time. 

Furthermore, compound exercises allows you to lift more weight, and they build muscles and mass quicker. 

To sum up it up real quick, there are several benefits to compound exercises. 

  • You'll be able to lift heavier weights. 
  • They improve coordination. 
  • You get more job done and in less time.
  • You can complete a full body workout in one session.  

In Conclusion

These are the basic of a weight lifting program for beginners. 

What, when and how, is totally up to you. I could write bunch of exercises here
to get you pumped and exited, but the best thing for you to do is to actually start
the process of you lifting weights, so go sign up to a gym, or buy yourself home 
equipment, or use only your body for resistance... No matter what you'll decide....

Just start. 

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