Weight Lifting Vs Body Weight Training

by: Michael Perry

April 3, 2022

Weight Lifting Vs Body Weight

Weight Lifting Vs Body Weight, for years now, there's this little debate among
fitness lovers over the question of which workout is more effective for muscles and
mass growth, weight lifting, or body weight training.

One side argues that the resistance from weightlifting is most effective for developing lean muscle mass, while the the other side swears that body weight training is way more effective for developing functional strength and conditioning. 

The truth is, the muscle doesn't care where the resistance is coming from, whether you create resistance by using weights or your body. The difference is, with weights
you can always increase the resistance by adding more weights, where with your body weight training, you can't. 

You're limited to your own body weight. It's that simple. 

So which is better, Weight lifting or Body weight training? 

There is no question that weightlifting helps build muscle mass. 

If you're interested in packing as much muscle mass as your body enables you to, there is no doubt that a solid weight lifting program that includes free weights, heavy compound exercises, isolation exercises, etc, is the kind of training you need to do. 

However, as useful as weightlifting might be, there are some legitimate arguments versus it. 

For one thing, all weight lifting exercises should be carried out with proper form;
otherwise, you waste your time at best, or you risk severe injury at worse. 

An injury can keep you sidelined and put a hamper on your progress.

Dependency is another issue, you either need to pay for a gym subscription, or have your own set of free weights/adjustable dumbbells and equipment in your garage.

And if you're like me, you would want to workout even when on vacation, so you
limit yourself to hotels and places that have a gym.

This is where the advantages of body weight exercise can be found in.

You can do it practically anywhere and any time. Furthermore there's also a reason
body weight exercises are practiced thoroughly by the military and gymnasts.

They help develop endurance and establish core and functional strength.

What are your goals?

In conclusion, does this mean that body weight training is better than weight lifting or vice versa? Not exactly, you should ask yourself, "What is my goal?" If your goal is to bulk up, build muscles and mass, weight lifting is the way to go. If your after core strength, and endurance, body weight training is the path for you.

Just keep in mind the following:

  • With weights you can increase the resistance over time. 
  • Weight lifting build muscles and mass faster, and helps with weight loss.
  • With Weight lifting it's easier to measure your progress. (Pressing 200lbs to pressing 230lbs).
  • There are way more exercises you can do with weights, than you can do with 
    your body.
  • With body weight the resistance stays the same.
  • You can however add more reps.
  • You can also alter the exercise, like doing one arm push up, or raising your feet, etc.
  • Body weight training is great if you're a beginner.
  • You can do it anywhere anytime.

The fact is, both weight lifting and body weight training are great ways to get in shape and build muscles. The one thing I should expect from you to do is, to ask
yourself what is your goal. 

Once you'll know the answer for that, you will know which is best for you, weight lifting or body weight training. 


You can do both! 

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