In this yoga burn review we're going to check what made this program to one of the most popular yoga for weight loss out there.

If you're a women who loves yoga, and you're always looking for new ways to tone, shape and build a strong body core by doing yoga, you've probably already heard about the yoga burn system by Zoe Bray.

The yoga program that her author claims it can help women lose weight and in the same time do all the things a I've mentioned above.

I must tell you right on the start, that if you're an advanced yogi, don't waste your time by reading this review.

Since you will find the workouts on yoga burn somewhat easy and maybe even boring if you're really advanced yogi.

If you already have basic yoga skills, or if you want to take your yoga skills up a notch, Yoga Burn can be a good choice for you. 

But if you're the type of a woman that quit's half way through, I suggest you start with a total beginners program. As Yoga Burn can be hard for some total beginners. 

There are tons of yoga programs on YouTube and amazon for total beginners and advanced yogis.

If you're a complete beginner try these yoga programs.

If you're an advanced yogi try these below.

If you practiced yoga before, or if you're an intermediate, 
you would want to check out Yoga Burn. 
Read the rest of the review or visit the official website now.

yoga burn - discs

Review Summary



User Friendly



  • Great For Beginners & Intermediates
  • Step-By-Step Program
  • Practice Anywhere 
  • Affordable
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • Waste Of Time For Really Advanced Yogis
  • Might Be Too Hard For Total Beginners
  • The "45 Minutes" Issue
  • Only 12 Week Program
  • Results May And Probably Will Vary


Yoga Burn is a great yoga program that you can practice from the comfort of your own home, and even on the go, as long as you have your smartphone/laptop/tablet with you. 

The "Dynamic Sequencing" is what makes this program stand out from other "practice at home yoga courses."

Keep in mind that its silly to believe that you can lose weight by practicing yoga alone.
But when you combine the Yoga Burn program with a proper diet and regular exercises, you are bound to lose weight, and even at accelerated rate.

With all the above, I still think that advanced yogis will not find this program very challenging. 

The bottom line is, if you're new to yoga or you want to take your yoga skills to the next level, and in the same time lose weight, then Yoga Burn is a great option for you.

So what is this program about?

Video Sample of Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn is a "step by step, practice at home, lose weight by doing it yoga program", that will be excellent for beginners and intermediates.

If you're one of the target audience, I know you will find this program challenging, informative, and fun to follow.

It was designed on the concept of "dynamic sequencing" (more on that later), which personally, I think gives this program it's uniqueness and make it stand out from the competition.

On the other hand there are some downsides to the program.

But before we cut to the chase.....

Lets Talk About Yoga For A Sec...

yoga class - Yoga Burn Review

I love doing yoga, always had, always will. One of the things I love about yoga is the yoga class that I attend regularly at my local gym.

Some of you are probably raising your eyebrows right about now.

Feel free to call me crazy if you like, I just love being in room full of people who love yoga!

I love the vibe, I love the feeling, I love to see others trying so hard to get all the yoga poses right.

I love the idea of people coming together couple of times a week to do something they love, together. Something that makes them feel good about themselves.

But I wasn't always like this. There was a time when I used to be ashamed of my body.

Ashamed of how my body looked in my yoga pants. Ashamed of my yoga abilities. Up to a point where all I could think about during class was:

  • How I looked
  • How I preformed the poses 
  • I hope no one is looking at me

By being insecure of my self, I totally missed the benefits of yoga, since I was so worried of what other people think of me, or how I look during class.

So yeah, the first couple of weeks I was way, way back at the corner of the class room. 

Hoping no one will notice me, or that if I'll make a fool out of myself no one will see.

It took some time, but I've got to give my self a little credit.

Since I didn't quit, nor did I let my "embarrassment" dictate the way I do or don't do things in my life. 

I gradually overcome my embarrassment until I got myself a nice spot at front of the class.

So because I was once in those shoes, I can see and totally relate to why a lot of women out there, would feel a lot more comfortable taking a professional yoga course at their home.

Without having to pay hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars in some cases to a personal yoga trainer.

The question is, do all these specialized yoga courses for home actually work and deliver what they claim to deliver?

I'm here to find out about at least one program.

Who is it for?

Yoga Burn Reviews - Zoey bray cotton

Workout in Your Own Home

Yoga burn is a yoga program specifically designed to help women lose weight.

It is for women who prefer to do their yoga at home, and even on the go.

The author says it is both for beginners and advanced students of yoga.

But I have found the program to be somewhat easy for advanced yogis.

And so I would recommend them to seek out other alternatives if they really want an advanced yoga program.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner or intermediate, this program is suited for you.

But again, that's my opinion.

How is yoga burn Structured?

zoe brat cotton 3 pics - Yoga Burn Review
it's a step by step, do it in your own home on your own pace program.

Yoga Burn consists of 12 videos, which are divided into 3 phases.

Each phase starts with an introduction video, followed by 3 workout videos. Each video is *45 minutes long as it says on the sales page.

There's a reason the course is divided into 3 phases, or parts, if you like, but more on that later.

Yoga burn is both digital and a physical product.

Which means that as soon as you've done ordering it, you will get immediate access to the full course online, and they will ship you a physical edition to the address you provided.

This means you won't have to wait for the DVD's to arrive, you can start the course the minute you buy this program. 

​There's an option to do the course online, but you can also download it to your PC, 

You could also watch it on your smartphone and practice when on vacation.

There's also an option to download them as audio files, which is a nice addon I think.

(*45 minuets aren't actually 45 minuets, keep reading to find out why).

Yoga Burn reviews - what you get

Yoga Burn - "Whats Inside"

The instructor on the videos is Zoe Bray-Cotton, who's also a personal trainer and the author of the program.

She claims her program can help women who want to:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Get Better Sleep
  3. Improve Their Flexibility
  4. Enhance Their Muscles
  5. Improve Their Blood Flow
  6. Improve Their Mood
Yoga Burn system - helping women

Zoe Bray-Cotton

So, basically this program claims to help you achieve what pretty much every woman wants.

The twist is in the, "This yoga program is designed to help you lose weight".

​That is in contrast to other yoga programs.

And frankly, I've got to be honest with you, I don't see how doing yoga (and yoga alone) can help you lose weight. 

But, I guess we'll just have to find out.

First of all, lets be honest, yoga is wonderful, it build's and strengthen not only your body, but also your soul.

But as great as yoga is, it can't help you lose weight unless you combine it with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise regimen. 

A small thing I like to call "HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!!!".

I don't like that the sales page of this program is telling women they can lose weight by just doing yoga.

They make it sound that by practicing this program alone can help you lose weight like never before.

And that's something I don't like, since they should clearly state that you should combine it with a healthy diet and regular workouts.


Because there are no magic pills or programs

If you think you can buy this program and rely solely on it to help you lose weight.... 

I got news for you, it ain't gonna happen.

The sooner you'll realize that there are no magic pills or programs out there, the sooner you will actually start to lose weight.

So make sure you combine yoga burn or any other yoga program for that matter with a healthy life style.

Intensive yoga program can give you that extra boost you need when you get stuck and can't seem to lose any more pounds.

So try it, combine it with your diet and other workouts, but don't think for a second that yoga alone will give you salvation.

My Yoga burn review

​Zoe claims that her program can help the women who will practice it lose weight and get fit and firm bodies.

After trying out the program I can say, as someone who's been doing yoga for the last 4 years, some of the exercises are not that difficult, if at all.

Zoe also claims that her program is for both beginners and advanced students of yoga. 

But I believe advanced users will find it somewhat easy to do.

I guess I'm not the preferred target audience for this program.

That's why my take on the efficiency of this program is that, if you're new to yoga, or if you got above average and basic yoga skills, and even if you're intermediate, this program can help you get to the next level.

And when combined with a healthy life style you're definitely going to lose weight.

But if you're like me, and you're been doing yoga for couple of years now, you've taken yoga very seriously, I suggest you move on to something more advanced like:

These are just quick examples of some of the advance programs out there.

I've put here only the ones I actually familiar with and enjoyed doing.

But there are tons of other advanced yoga programs on amazon, just look them up.

It's not that the exercises in this program are worthless, not at all.

There are some great poses and guidance and tips in this program. And Zoe does make good points along the videos.

It's just that, as an advanced yogi I'm already passed 80% of the stuff presented in this program, and the remaining 20% are just not something that is worth spending my money on.

I rather buy a complete advance yoga program to practice at home.

How Does Yoga Burn Work?

I've made this nice looking Infographic, (well at least I think its nice looking) just to give you a quick overview on the program before I'll walk you through it.

Yoga Burn reviews - infographic

Yoga Burn Infographic

It's important for me to clarify that the text used to describe the phases is not my own.

And it does not reflect what I think about the phases. I took it from the Official Website.

Like I said, just to give you a quick overview on the program.

And now with that out of the way we can continue.

The "Secret Sauce" of yoga burn

The entire concept of this program lies in what Zoe calls, "Dynamic Sequencing".

Dynamic sequencing is Zoe's way to pass on to us the right way of how to perform the poses and the movements of yoga burn.

Just when you think your body has adapted to the pose and the routine, Zoe takes it up a notch by increasing the intensity and causing your body to keep working hard.

This concept is very powerful! And it helps you get the maximum results from every workout. 

And even though it's not something that Zoe invented, she gets one point from me for making this the main concept in her program.

If you're a total beginner you might feel that this is too much.

All I can say is keep going, it will be worth your while.

With difficulty and intensity level's that are rising with each pose and phase, it is almost inevitable not to lose weight.

The 45 Minutes Issue

As I already said, Yoga burn is divided into 3 unique phases. 

These phases are our guidelines through out this program.

Zoe claims that she strategically designed the phases to help us get maximum results.

Each phase has 3 workout videos 45 minutes each.

And here lies my great disappointment from this program. The so-called 45 minutes videos are actually 15 minutes videos that I was supposed to loop 3 times to get 45 minutes!!!

This made me so much angry, that if I had bought this program for my personal use and not for review purposes, I would return it and ask for my money back in a second!

They should clearly state that each video is only 15 minutes long.

I don't think this would affect their sales, granted, 15 minutes are not a lot, but are enough. 

On the other hand, stating 45 minutes and then delivering only 15 minutes could hurt their sales.

On top of that the sale is on the Clickbank platform.

One of Clickbank terms for vendors who want to sell using their platform is, they must offer money back guaranties.

Some vendors give 30 days and others give 60 days.

Yoga burn offers 60 days money back guarantee no question asked.

yoga burn reviews - money back

So I don't understand why they would state X and deliver Y when it's so easy for someone who bought this program to get his money back.

I really think that 15 minutes is more than decent at this price level, and since we get 3 workout videos for each phase, the total duration of UNIQUE video is 2h:15m. 

The Three Phases Of Yoga Burn

  • Foundational Flow
  • Transitional Flow
  • Mastery Flow

Yoga burn is a 12 week program. Meaning you should complete each phase in 4 weeks.

The Foundatioanl Flow - Phase 1

For the first phase we are going to learn how to build a strong yoga foundation.

The workouts on these videos are going to help us in learning strong yoga practice, and build those muscles of ours.

In this phase, Zoe will step by step teach you how to properly do the basic poses in this program.

So basically this phase is all about learning the foundation of yoga burn, and it is essential for proper maximization of the next two phases. 

Do not take this phase lightly as you will need a strong foundation later on.

Personally I skipped the end and moved to phase 2 since this phase was really easy for me.

Note for beginners

I think some of the beginners out there might feel that they are way over their heads with this program and will want to quit.

My advice to you is, don't! If you feel that this is too much for you, I totally understand, but Zoe does a great job in explaining how to do the exercises properly.

I could also recommend that you first watch each workout fully before actually starting to do the poses. this way you won't get blindsided by the positioning changes and you will be prepared for any pose that comes your way.

Do not skip this phase even if you're not a complete newbie to yoga.

I can't emphasis this enough.

The Transitional Flow - Phase 2

Phase 2, called the transitional flow, is a bit more intense.

This is the phase where Zoe teaches us how to combine the moves we've learned on phase 1 into one smooth flow.

Which in turn is pumping up the heart rate. 

I measured only 85 bpm during the workout, which is really low for me, since I need to get above 120 bpm in order to start burning fat.

But again I'm not the best example since I'm a very active person.

I guess beginners and intermediates will find the poses here more demanding.

The idea behind this phase is to focus on three major muscles groups; the upper body, lower body and the core.

You will learn how to move smoothly from one pose to another.

I've got to say that this phase was defiantly more challenging than the first one, which is great.

The Mastery Flow - Phase 3 - The Final Phase

Well phase 3 is all about combining all that we have learned from the first two phases.

The intensity do goes up on this phase, which is great.

Through out this phase you will have to repeat the poses several times, and this will make your muscles want to scream for help.

I guess I could say that if yoga burn would start with phase 3 as phase 1 and then increasing the intensity, I could defiantly call it, an advanced yoga program.

In phase 3 I measured 110bpm during the workouts on this phase, which is slightly low from my 130bpm goal for my workouts.

The exercises in this phase are a combination of moves targeting the areas in the female body we want to shape and tone up.

 The intensity is high on this phase, so I can definitely see this program helping you lose weight, again, when combined with a diet plan and regular workouts.

Pros of The Yoga Burn Program

  • I can say that this program is a well crafted yoga program.

    The dynamic sequencing concept is great and it's going to help you develop not only yoga skills but also help you tone and shape your body.

  • It's an easy to follow program with great instructions from the author herself.

    Which is great, because you know you get exactly what the author
    wanted you to get, and not some interpretation by third parties.

  • Practice from your own home, and on your own pace.

    Anytime, anywhere, on any smart device.
    definitely a pro, and I know may women out there would love this feature.

  • Totally affordable.

    Compared to yoga class or a private yoga trainer, the yoga burn program is highly competitive, price wise.
pricing - Yoga Burn Reviews

Yoga Burn Pricing

  • There are bonuses.

    Well, at least they were at the time of my purchase. I can't really say since I don't know if they will always give out bonuses.
bonuses - Yoga Burn Reviews

Yoga Burn Bonuses

I must point out that I really liked the pose tutorials bonus.

It has 20 and some more step by step guides on how to properly do each pose you are about to do in yoga burn.

I also got a quick start class called "beginners flow".

It's 45 minutes long (For real this time) and it is great for beginners since the pace here is slower than the main course videos,

And the poses here are pretty much basic, so you won't have trouble in getting started.

  • 60 Days money back guarantee.

    Thanks to Clickbank, yoga burn comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.
    Which means you can try this program for almost 8 weeks and still be able to get your money back if you didn't liked the program.

Cons of The Yoga Burn Program

  • It will only last you for 12 weeks!

    Yoga Burn does work, if you're willing to put in the effort. But what will happen when you will need to hit the mat because you want to progress even further?

    Sure you could do it again and again, but eventually you're going to get bored with the program and will want something new and exiting to try.

    This is why Zoe is also offering another variation of Yoga Burn called Yoga Burn Monthly. You can check it out Here, or the ultimate yoga burn package, Here.

  • Level Of Yoga.

    Despite what the author says, advanced yogis will find this program somewhat easy. On the other hand it could be bit hard for total beginners.

    It's up to you to keep going and not giving up.

  • So called 45 Minutes.

    I really wish they would update their sales page so that people will know exactly what they are paying for.

    The 45 minutes videos are actually 15 minutes video you need to loop three times.

Wrapping up the yoga burn review

I must admit that before i started practicing the yoga burn program for the purpose of this review, I was very skeptical about it.

Unfortunately, this program is not suited for me and my yoga level.

But with all its drawbacks this program has for me as an advanced yogi, this program is truly well crafted for beginners and intermediates on the border of advanced.

The "dynamic sequencing" method keeps your body on the edge and your hearts rate up.

And Zoe is really a fantastic instructor, she explains everything and pretty much does everything for you when it comes to guiding you through the program.

The fact you can practice it in complete privacy, in your home and even when on vacation, so you will never miss a workout, is defiantly a major factor when thinking about purchasing this program.

The 60 days money back guarantee makes this program a risk free to try and decide if this is the yoga program for you.

Overall yoga burn deliverers what it suppose to do, minus the fact that it is not for advanced users, and maybe for weak total beginners.

And I guess really Zoe did something right with this program, because you don't get 760,000 followers on Facebook and a 153,000 followers on Instagram if your program doesn't work.

facebook page - yoga burn system

Yoga Burn's Facebook Page

Yoga Burn Reviews

Instagram Page Of Yoga Burn

So bottom line is, if you'll ask me, I would recommend Yoga Burn.

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