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In this short article I will show you 4 pregnancy yoga poses that will help you better
prepare to the happiest moment of your life. But first lets run down a quick
overview on what exactly does it mean to practice yoga when pregnant. 

Yoga is the connection of mind and body, and what better way is to prepare
yourself to labor, than connecting with the life that is slowly growing inside of
you, strengthening your body core and mind? Well, there isn't. 

What are the benefits of pregnancy yoga?

Pregnancy yoga, or prenatal yoga if you prefer, has various benefits to offer pregnant and about to be moms. 

  1. First of all, yoga has been proven to be a safe practice to pregnant women, so no need to be afraid from practicing yoga during your pregnancy. [Source]
  2. Another study found that women who practiced prenatal yoga, saw a reduction in labor pain. [Source
  3. Pregnancy yoga can also help women with anxiety, depression, stress during their pregnancy, [Source]
  4. Furthermore, yoga during pregnancy had also been proven to be of a more
    effective exercise than other exercises like walking, or your other standard prenatal exercises. [Source]
  5. Yoga during pregnancy can also help you lower your pain level. [Source]
  6. The same source found that women who practiced yoga while pregnant, had lower incidences of prenatal disorders.
  7. It can help you reduce stress and anxiety caused by pregnancy. [Source]

With All Of Its Benefits, It Seems That Yoga And Pregnancy Go Hand In Hand. 

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4 pregnancy yoga poses

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is yoga safe for pregnancy?

In general, yes, but there are some rules you need to follow. 

I think the most important rule you should always keep in mind is that, pregnancy is not the time to try to reach new levels of fitness. Keep things simple.
Pregnancy is not the time to push yourself over the limit. 

  • Avoid all poses that require you to be on your back
  • Stay away from hot yoga
  • don't stretch too much or too far, specially the abdominal's
  • avoid doing any deep twists whatsoever
  • avoid poses that require you to deep band your back
  • don't over train
  • listen to your body, if some pose or something makes you feel Uncomfortable, then stop Immediately 

4 pregnancy yoga poses

Cat Pose - Cow Pose

This pose can help with releasing tension in your back, while increasing your strength and spine flexibility. 

Warrior II Pose

The Warrior pose will make you stretch and strengthen your legs, 
it will increase your stamina, and will help relive backaches 

Bound Angle Pose

With this yoga pose you will stimulate abdominal organs, as well as your heart. It also may help relieve light depression and anxiety.
it may even help with reducing childbirth pains if you practice this pose regularly.

Triangle Pose

The triangle pose will help you to strengthen you thighs , hips, calves,
shoulders and your chest. It will also stimulate your abdominal organs, and it can also help relieve stress.

Pointers you should keep in mind

If you're practicing prenatal yoga, you will want to ensure that you never ever over
stretch your stomach area.

Furthermore, when you're doing a pose that requires you to twist, you should
avoid twisting using your stomach area, and instead use your upper back and your shoulders.

Don't worry if you find out you're not able to carry through some of the poses, and
don't compare yourself to other women.

Also, if you feel any discomfort of pain of some kind, you will want to stop and take
a break immediately. It's always better to be safe than sorry. You should enjoy your
yoga workouts, and use them to better prepare yourself to your childbirth.

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