Yoga Exercises – Why do you need to start doing them?

Yoga is among the most efficient healing systems in theory and in practice. It essentially combines a number of various breathing exercises with meditation. Yoga has actually been practiced for more than 5000 years. The special thing about these yoga exercises is that they can be practiced by almost everyone, anywhere.

Yoga exercises act as an alternative medicine.

Yoga exercises are beneficial for soothing and unwinding the nervous system in addition to stabilizing the mind, spirit, and body. It is thought that the practice of yoga can be a tremendous help in dealing with or suppressing numerous medical conditions. It is observed by physicians all over the world, that people, who perform yoga daily have lower blood pressure, enhanced flexibility, better sleep, better concentration, better coordination and an improved digestion.

In fact, yoga has likewise been seen to lower tension levels significantly. It is surprising to discover that yoga is also used as a supplementary treatment for curing such varied conditions as cancer, asthma, AIDS, and diabetes.

The therapeutic qualities of yoga are not limited to these conditions alone. There are other areas where yoga has actually been found to be valuable and relieving. Medical problems like acidity, anemia, arthritis, Alzheimer disease, allergic reactions, skin problems, menopause, facial wrinkles, menstrual cramps, depression, hypertension, high blood pressure, weight problems, tension, sleeping disorders and numerous others can all be treated by yoga.

Restorative Yoga


Yoga Exercises
Restorative Yoga

It is connected with the healing of numerous diseases.
Restorative yoga is practiced in a relaxed state via the use of supports in lieu of the muscular tension for maintaining the alignments of the pose.
Restorative yoga help in easing the persistent stress that impacts us in a lot of different ways.
– Proper use offers an absolutely different atmosphere for total relaxation.
– Every restorative sequence is basically developed to move the spine in every direction.
– If the restorative practice is well sequenced, it likewise integrates the inverted poses that reverse the gravity impacts. It helps in boosting the heart function to a great extent.
– It relieves and stimulates the organs of the body at the same time.

Advantages of doing yoga exercises:

1. It improves the physical strength, flexibility, and endurance.

2. It boosts self-control and concentration power.

3. It helps in improving the blood circulation.

4. It inculcates the impulse control.

5. It reduces the tension levels and relaxes the whole body.

6. Immune system is improved to a great level.

7. It imparts a favorable outlook on life.

8. It brings internal peace and harmony.

9. The overall performance of the organs is improved.

10 There’s an intensification of mental clearness and discomfort tolerance.

Various poses of yoga and breathing

Breathing is among the most fundamental parts of yoga exercises. This is the way one breathes in and breathes out during various yoga poses.
Generally, yoga poses consist of standing poses, inversions, the restorative and relaxation poses,
counter poses, twists, balancing poses, along with forward and backward bends.

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