Yoga for kids can provide the exact same advantages for your kids as it provides you.

Most people do not associate stress with kids, however our children do have their
own reasons to stress out.

The types of stress kids are dealing with can be homework, peer competition, peer 
pressure, extra curricular activities and physical changes, like, growing pains.

Sometimes our kids are overwhelmed with the activities they participate in, or with 
the pressure that we as parents, don't even realize we put on their small shoulders.

In addition, today's society is a hectic one, and puts kids on an extremely busy 

Kids need a stress relief just like we grownups do.

And this is where yoga steps in. 

enter yoga - yoga for kids

By practicing yoga regularly, your kids can reach a general sense of peace, increase
their flexibility, and improve their coordination.

Furthermore, kids who practice yoga regularly, have actually shown improved concentration in class. [Source]

And this leads to exceptional self-confidence levels.

In addition the advantages of yoga have actually been extremely valuable for kids
with attention deficit disorder. [Source]

It appears to soothe kids with ADD and helps with more focused attention periods.

Furthermore, yoga can help your kids develop better coordination and help them
stabilize their inner souls. Also, it can help them to funnel out their anger in a more
positive way, weird as it may sound.

How To Teach Kids Yoga

Kids are a visual learners, therefor the best way to teach yoga to your kids is by
practicing visualization meditation while in the yoga pose.

For example, if you want to teach your kid the warrior pose, ask your kid to imagine
a warrior.

ninja kid - yoga for kids

Of course you can as your kid to imagine something more peaceful like a cat

Once he got the image in his head, you can move on and practice on more
advanced visuals.

First of all, ask your kid to visualize in their mind, a picture of their favorite spot in
your home, or their ultimate vacation place.

When they got their imagination running and the relaxation part is completed, ask 
your kid to share their experience with you.

Have your kid tell you what image he/she painted in their mind, and how that
image made him/her feel.

If your kid is having trouble painting a picture in his mind, you can use guided imagination, by telling them a story with a soothing theme of some sort.

A guided imagination can be a lovely field filled with daisies or let them envision
they are butterflies in the field.

The main idea is to help them develop a peaceful surrounding so that they can achieve relaxation.

10 Benefits Of Yoga For Kids

1. It Can Help your kid Achieve Mind & Body Connection

mind-body-connection - yoga for kids

Yoga can help your kid achieve, and then to strengthens his "mind and body connection".

Who doesn't want his kid to be peaceful and with self confidence?

We all want the best for our kids, that goes without saying.

In this day and age, when our world moves and changes so fast, its important to
give your kid a tool that will help him develop a strong mind in a strong body.

Yoga will help him calm his mind and body, by working out on his body and
unwinding his mind.

2. Yoga can Help your kid Develop Positive Mental Health

positive-kid - yoga for kids

Kids who practice yoga regularly have more chance in developing an optimistic and
positive way of look on life. [Source]

In addition they will also have less chance to sink in depression, or give in to anxiety
and many more mental issues that are so common these days.

3. Yoga Can Help Your Kid Develop Self-Esteem And Confidence

self esteem - yoga for kids

Picture in your head that moment when your kid has mastered his first yoga pose.

Got that picture in mind? Good.

What's great about this is, a yoga instructor can offer guidance and maybe a tip
here and there, while it is up to your kid to actually master the pose.

As a result, once your kid will master one pose, he will know that this achievement
is purely because of his efforts and no one else's.

Therefore, this will help build up his self esteem and self confidence.

The yoga workout is making him more patient, self aware, focused and on top of
that, it's also makes his body stronger and develops flexibility.

You should not be afraid of if your kid will actually be able to master one pose or another, as this is totally reachable, since you can start with simple poses, and move your way up.

4. Yoga Makes Your Kid Self-Aware.

self aware - yoga for kids

Yoga can help your kid to get in touch with his emotions, and to really understand
what it is that he's feeling.

Furthermore, yoga can help kids to open their minds to new experiences and by
doing so they learn that there's nothing they can't achieve if they set their mind to it.

When your kid will realize all that he can accomplish with the combination of mind,
body and soul, he will want to keep improving his self-awareness all the time.

5. Yoga can help your kid Reach High Levels Of Focus And Concentration

focus and concentration - yoga for kids

Simply by practicing yoga, your kid learns how to combine mind and body, and how
to empty his mind from any disturbing thoughts.

In addition it also teaches him how to focus on the pose itself.

Therefor it can help him develop a high focus and concentration levels.
Which in turn will help him succeed in school, his personal life, social life and so on.

How's that you ask?

While practicing yoga, it is inevitable not to learn how to improve your
concentration, since that In yoga we learn how to concentrate and focus on breathing,

As a result, not only your kid will learn how to breath properly, but he will also
develop his concentration.

6. Yoga Helps To Calm The Mind

calm the mind - yoga for kids

Many kids have a lot of different ways when it comes to expressing frustration,
anger and disappointment.

Sure, yoga won't solve all your kids problems.

But, it will help him calm his mind.

And by calming his mind your kid will get a clear perspective and maybe even a
different view on the things that makes him angry or frustrated.

When and if yoga will become an integral part of his life, he will start implementing the things he learned in his yoga exercises in his daily life.

Perhaps he'll even think twice before the next time he'll start crying or begging you to buy him the new whatever it is that's popular.

7. Yoga Helps Developing Coordination And Balance.

Coordination - yoga for kids

It goes without saying that balance is one of the foundations of yoga.

We do the various poses in order to promote mind clarity and to develop physical strength and balance.

As we try our best when we carry out a pose, mental and mind clarity comes as a result of our efforts by just doing the pose.

Here's a preview. Your kid is going to fail and fall while doing yoga poses.

But, with the correct guidance and teaching of yoga, your kid will not only learn
how to calm his mind, but he will also develop better coordination and physical
balance as well.

When your kid will master his first yoga pose, he will be filled with uplifting feeling
of accomplishment and success.

8. Yoga Helps Develop Healthy Habits.

healthy habits - yoga for kids

The habits you develop when you're a kid, tend to stick with you through your life.

So you could see why it is important to help your kid understand, especially at young age why it is important to exercise enough, eat right, and yes even to do yoga.

This will help him to develop healthy habits which he will carry with him in his life.

9. Yoga helps improve flexibility

flexibility-kid - yoga for kids

We already know that yoga helps improve mental clarity, balance and physical strength.

But yoga also improves flexibility. As we learn how to use our muscles in the various poses, may it be while sitting, standing or lying, we work our muscles through out the poses.

This will help you kid to really understand how his body work and just how far he can push it.

10. Yoga Helps Your Kid To Accept Himself

super kid - yoga for kids

With regards to all the above, its pretty obvious that once yoga becomes an
integral part of your kids life, he will develop all those great things and qualities that
will help him now and when he's an adult.

In addition, yoga also teaches your kid self acceptance.

Its only inevitable that when your kid will reach that stage of self-awareness,
focus, mental clarity, physical strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, he will start
to accept him self for who he is.

Simply because, that yoga teaches kids how to love themselves.

This is oh so important, especially in this day and age, when society is expecting
everyone to be perfect, or at least look like one, on social media.

Your kid will be way a head on a level of his own.

Yoga Poses For Kids - 10 Poses You can do with your young ones

yoga kid - yoga for kids

Here are some great poses you can start practicing with your kids.

Remember, don't be too pushy or too strict, kids need guidance, not someone who
will yell at them and tell them they don't do things right.

So go easy, make it a fun thing you do together.
And in not time your kid will master his first yoga pose!

  1. Cat pose - Builds Strength

    You could imagine how your kid will get excited when you tell him "Hey, lets 
    do the cat pose".
    Every pose that carries a name of an animal, is a pose that kids can relate to

    and will look forward to do. So here's how to do it. 
    Get down on all fours, keep your knees in line with your hips and your hands in
    line with the shoulders.
    Then, slowly arch your spine in order to form a scared cat pose.

    Continue with inhaling and sucking in your belly towards your spine.
    After that, slowly arch out your spine towards the floor, relax by letting your belly sink down along with your spine.
  2. Lion's pose - Learning how to breath and helps to relax

    Tell your little one to sit on his heels "like a lion that is king of the pride". 
    Then, while breathing in, pull your chest out as if you're a young lion trying to
    impress the lioness's around you.
    Then, while you breath out, arch your spine and lower your head.
    (As if you're a tired married lion that knows who wears the pants in this house)
  3. Downward Dog - Calms the mind 

    Start this pose by getting on down on your hands and knees.
    It's important to keep the back flat as possible. Keep your tows tucked under,

    remember to breath in, it's very important.
    After you've done taking your breath, breath out and lift your hips up to the

    sky, high as you can.
    Try to keep your legs and arms straight as possible, and your heels pressing
    the floor. Do this while keeping your hands on the floor as well. This will form a
    triangle look a like shape.
  4. The Bridge Pose - Energizing 

    Get down and lie on your back.
    Bend up your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor.
    Once you're in position, lay your arms down to the side of your body and bring

    your chin to your chest.
    Then lift your buttocks and back as high as you can, until you can't lift it
    anymore and there's a gap (bridge) between your back, butt and the floor.
  5. The Child's Pose - Easy And Restful 

    Get down and sit on your heels, then slowly bring your forehead to rest 
    between your knees.
    Lay your arms down alongside your knees and start taking long deep breaths.
  6. The Cobra Pose - Improves Flexibility

    Lay down on your belly and stretch your legs way way back.
    Place your hands on the floor just under your shoulders and keep your elbows

    close to your body.
    While inhaling, pull your self up using your hands and in the same time stretch

    out your chest.
  7. The Happy Baby Pose - Also Improves Flexibility

    Lay down on your back, bring your chin to your chest.
    Then bring your knees as close as possible to the chest,
    grab your feet from the outside with both hands, and rock on just like a baby

    would do.
  8. The Locust Pose - Strengthening The Back

    Lay down on your belly, look up and lift your chest and shoulders off the floor. 
    Try to lift them as high as you can.
    then stretch your hands back alongside your body, as if you were superman

    flying to the rescue.
  9. The Lotus Pose - Calms The Brain

    Sit down as if you were meditating, with your back straight and spine firm. Lay 
    your hands on your knees and just relax and breath deeply.
  10. The Mountain Pose - Improves Poster

    Stand firm and tall with your spine straight.
    Keep your legs wide as your shoulders, your feet facing forward, and bring

    your hands together as if you were saying "namaste" to someone.

These 10 poses are just a quick example of how yoga can not only be something
that has high value for your kids, but it could be something fun you can do together.

Yoga Videos For Kids

If you wish to take your yoga time together to the next level there are some
amazing yoga videos for kids on You-Tube and amazon.

On You-Tube I can highly recommend the Cosmic Yoga For Kids channel.
And you could also buy their DVD's on amazon.

As the poses here are somewhat very easy to do, that even a 4 year old could do them.

If you want something a bit more advanced for your kids you could try "Kids Worlds Yoga". 

If your kids are between the age of 3 to 8 they would enjoy this yoga program.

As you realized by now, the selection of yoga for kids programs is huge.

Just choose the program that suites your kids the most.
Either on You-Tube or on amazon.


And don't forget to get your kids a yoga mat that they would love.


Yoga can help your kid achieve balance, both in mind and body.
Also it can help with improving his focus and concentration.

It will help him develop self awareness,
He will accept himself for what he is, and not for what society expect of him.

Yoga can help establish healthy habits that will stick with him as he gets older.
He will be able to think clearly in stressful censorious.

Furthermore, the cream of the top is, its something you can do together!
Its something that can strengthen your bond, it will be something you do together.

And to tell you the truth, I think that this alone should be more than enough reason
for you to start doing yoga with your kids.

Yoga is a great activity for kids, no matter how you look at it.

And as I just showed you, it has tons of benefits to offer, not only for grown ups, but
for our kids as well.

I hope you've found this little article of mine enlightening, and that it has convinced
you to start practicing your yoga with your young ones.

Because they are our world. Literary.

Let me know what you think about this article, and I would love to know if you're practicing yoga with your kids.

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