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7 Yoga Poses For Back Pain

How many times did this happened to you? You're at work, just another day, at around noonish you're legs are starting to hurt, your knee's are getting weaker, and to make things worse, your back is just killing you.

You tell yourself its the last time you wear heels to work, but we both know it's a lie.

I know this happened to me, and a lot I'm sorry to say. I used to get so many back
aches the only thing I wanted to do was to go home, plant myself in my bed and go to sleep for the whole day, or at least till the pain will go away.

back pain

Until I've found out that yoga can be good for back pain. So I started taking yoga lessons regularly, and in matter of weak's my overall mental and physical feeling changed so much, I started to feel as if I can move mountains.

The back pains disappeared almost completely, no more painful legs and knees, and all thanks to regular yoga practicing. 

And in this article I'm going to share with you 7 poses that helped me shift from
being someone who could barely make it through the day, to someone who can go
running, swimming or hiking, even after a long day of work.

How Yoga can help with back pain

First of all, besides of it's benefits for our mental health, yoga hold physical benefits.

To name a few, it will help you develop flexibility, boosts your strength, build up your muscles, develop better coordination and more. Now, when you add the physical benefits with the mental, you get one mega boosting and uplifting workout. 

To keep this article short and to the point, yoga sequence stretches and strengthens your body and muscles, furthermore it improves your range of motion
and helps with pain relief.

7 yoga poses that helped me with my back pain

Corpse Pose: 

Lie flat on your back in a relaxed position, arms resting at the sides, palms facing up, and legs lying naturally, with knees slightly bent.

If it hurts your back to have your knees turned outward, do that pose with knees bent, toes flat on the floor. Breathe in and out for just a few seconds whereas preventing any tension to leave the body.

Cat stretch pose:

Start out by getting on all fours, make sure your back is flat.

Your hands should be straight and right under your shoulders with your fingers
spread, and your Knees should be straight under the hips. Head is held loosely
while you are looking at the floor between your hands. 

Inhale, and as you exhale, arch your back towards the ceiling, bring the chin into
your chest. Hold, then release back into your original position.

Wind relieving pose: 

Lie flat on your back like in the Corpse Pose.

Inhale and as you exhale, bend your right knee towards you chest, place your hands right below the knee, keeping your left leg flat on the floor, once you got your knee as close as you can to your chest, press your back and shoulders to the ground and bring your forehead to your knee. 

Hold the position and take couple of breaths, exhale and as you exhale, return to the starting position.

Sage Twist Pose: 

Before you do this pose, I must warn you, this pose involve twisting your back,
so you must be careful and not twist your back too much, it should be a delicate 

Sit on your buttocks, straight up, lengthen your spine, with both legs stretched out and in line with your hips, and stretch your toes towards your knees. 

Bring your right knee as close as you can to your sit bone, make sure
your spine in straight upright and lift your right arm and touch your left toes, afterwards point out your right elbow and "wrap" the outside of your right knee with your right arm.

This is where you need to be careful not to twist too far. Lift your left arm and try to
reach your right arm around your back Hold the position for a few seconds and

Palm Tree Pose: 

Stand with your toes facing forward, arms at the sides, chest out, spine straight, weight distributed evenly on each feet. 

Take a deep breath and bring your arms over your head, stretch them up high as much as you can.

Next, lift your heels and stand on your toes slowly, try to keep your arms stretched and focus on breathing. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and release.

If you feel standing on your toes is too hard for you, you can do this
pose without it.

Fish Pose: 

Lie flat on your back with your legs extended and arms at the sides. 

Lift up your pelvis slightly and slide your hand beneath your butt. 

Arch your as far as you comfortably can off the mat by pushing the ground with your elbows. If you can, tilt your head backwards and rest the crown of your head
on the mat. 

Breath deeply, and maintain the pose for a minute if you can.

Locust Pose:

Lie on your stomach with your arms on the sides, palms down, and elbows slightly bent with fingers pointing towards the feet.

Lift your chest off the mat and raise your legs and thighs as high off the ground
as possible with out causing your back any pain. Hold for two seconds and repeat up to twelve times. 

This could be a vicious pose so you must take care not to strain
already injured muscles.

Wrapping it Up

There are more than 7 yoga poses for back pain, but these are the ones that helped
me the most. I hope it goes without saying that, you should practice these poses 
under the guidance of a professional yoga instructor. 

I might even go as far saying you would want to consult a physician before doing
any of these yoga poses for your back. When it comes to your back there's no such thing as too careful.

But if you're an experienced yogi, I guess you can even do these poses alone and 
shouldn't be afraid, because you know your body and it's limitations.

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7 Yoga Poses For Back Pain - The 7 Poses That Helped Me
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7 Yoga Poses For Back Pain - The 7 Poses That Helped Me
The more you rest, the weaker your back will get. These 7 yoga poses for back pain are what that helped me the most to overcome my aching back.
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