About Us

Hi! I'm Michael, and I'm the guy behind this site. 

I wasn't always this good looking, amazingly fit Greek god kinda of guy you see in pic above. (Nor did I had such cunning sarcasm, ha ha)

In fact, somehow I was always the fat kid growing up, and if you were too, you'd know what I'm talking about.

It was only when I hit 15 when I decided to turn my life around. I promised myself I won't only lose the weight, but I'll have the body of my dreams by the time I'm 18.

Once I told my parents I was sick and tired of being the fat kid in class, they gave me all the support a kid could hope for.

I approached fitness with a fueled based passion that I was blessed so much with, thanks to my family.

Before I knew it I was head first in fitness magazines and books, I educated my self about proper eating habits and healthy nutrition, but above all, I learned how to train and build my body and I actually enjoyed exercising. 

I started this site because as a fitness junkie I couldn't stand aside anymore while other fitness blogs are bloated with misleading info, stupid ads and push unnecessary supplements and equipment down the throats of newbies, maybe just like you.

I literally had to learn how to open and run a blog and how to manage a team, but since I already know how to set and achieve my goals, it wasn't that hard.

If you're here because your a bit overweight, want to get in shape, want to build muscles..........

Wait, scratch that. It doesn't matter why you're here. First of all, thank you!

Secondly and more importantly, as long as you want to change the way you live, eat, sleep and train, you're in the right place. 

I've made it my mission to create a helpful and easy to understand online resource that will help you turn your life around.

You won't find here any get-fit-quick workout plans (Schemes if you ask me), or any supplements that promise unreasonable results in no time, since I don't believe in fooling the system.

It's no coincidence that our tagline is: "We make it easy to get fit".  - NOT: "We make it easy to get fit fast".

I will however, do my best trying to teach you how to develop healthy habits, how to train and eat properly and how to fix your mindset, all so that you'll be able to build a strong foundation in the process of changing you life one step at a time.

Hope you're in for the ride.