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It's True That while FitnessFixedGear.Com Is All About Assisting People Change their Lives For The Better, By Providing An easy to read and to understand Online fitness Resource. 

We're Not Completely Altruistic.

We Have To Cover costs like, hosting Expenses, webmasters and graphical tools, Web-tools, various services And even Advertising Fees.

and after all that, if Possible, Maybe even Put A Few Bucks Into Our Pockets.

One method To Earn Revenue For Our Massive Efforts On This Website, And At The Same Time Keeping It As Much As Possible Advertisement Free, Is By Linking To Recommended Products Or Services With Affiliate Links.

Affiliate Links Are Links That If You Click On Them, They Will Lead You To The Seller's Website And If You Purchase The Product For Which You Came For, We Get A small Commission.

at NO additional cost whatsoever to you!

That's It.

This Helps us to Support Our Website, And Allows Us To keep Creating That
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If You Do Decide To Purchase A Product Or Service Via one of Our Affiliate Links,

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You should know that the Law requires websites To Inform their Visitors About affiliate links.

We Believe It's A Good Law That We Be Transparent About This, And Hope That Every Website, Online Store, Blog and whatever, That Uses Affiliate Links Method Will Be Honest About This As Well.

We Want You To Know That We're using affiliate links.
And We're Making Sure That You Know That.

we want you to know that We Are Independently Owned, And The Opinions
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We Do Not Accept Paid Reviews Or Fake Reviews Claiming To Be Something They Are Not.

we Want You To Know That While We Are A Professional Website That Receives Compensation From The Companies Whose Products We Review, We Test all Of The Products Thoroughly And Give High Marks To Only The Very Best.

Some Of The Products That Are Offered To Us for Review Don't Even Make The Cut, and we will not feature them on our website.

Maybe only in cases when the product is really really bad and we want to warn our visitors to keep away.

We will never Recommend anyone to buy something we wouldn't use Ourselves, nor will we betray our followers trust.

the names of the affiliate networks fitnessfixedgear.com is participating in:

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Amazon Disclosure. 

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

We Do Our Best To Only Recommend And Link To Quality Products
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