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18 benefits of exercise cover photo

18 Benefits Of Exercise That Will Boost Your Motivation

Don't you just hate exercising?  You need to make time for it, you need to keep proper diet, you have to drive to and from the gym after work, and on and on... And if that's...
health benefits of weightlifting cover photo cover photo

18 Health Benefits Of Weightlifting That Will Make You Run To The Gym

As you read this, you may be wondering, why the hell would I even care about the health benefits weightlifting has to offer me? I mean, the only reason we're working out is to...
3 day split workout program for beginners

Best 3 Day Split Workout For Beginners

first, What is the 3 day split workout routine?The 3 day split workout program is, by definition, a workout program carried out 3 times a week, targets one or two muscle groups in the...
‏‏weight lifting program for women - cover photo

A Beginner’s Weight Lifting Program For Women

Before I will show you my weight lifting program for women, I would like to do a quick rundown on weight lifting in general.First of all, there are a lot of benefits that come...
Nutrition Rules

Nutrition Rules For Beginners

8 Nutrition Rules For Beginners 8 Nutrition Rules to Build Quality Muscle - Never forget the significance that diet plan plays in accomplishing an excellent body. Following these 8 rules will supply you the structure...
health and fitness

Fitness Vs Health – Myths and Facts

Straight from my personal training handbook: Health is an illness- totally free state of well- being that permits an individual to experience enhanced quality of life and self-reliance. Fitness is a requirement- based procedure of...
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