Total Gym Fit Review – Your All In One Home Gym?

by: Michael Perry

January 4, 2021

The growing number of people who build their own home gym right in their garage or basement has grown exponentially in recent years. 

But what do you do when you don't have the space for all that large and massive gym equipment? 

Do you settle for a small weight bench and couple of dumbbells?

Are you doomed to pay for a gym subscription your entire life?

Will you always have to wait your turn to use a machine? 

Will you forever get mad because the guy before you didn't use a towel?

Well, fear not, because we're gonna do a full Total Gym FIT review and at least on paper, it looks promising.

So, let's start.

Total Gym fIT quick overview

Overall Rating:




Ease Of Use


  • You Can Do Over 85 Exercises
  • It Offers A Full Body Workout
  • You Can Use It To Build Physique, Muscles, Better Flexibility And Cardio Boost
  • Smooth Transitional Motions That Are Easy On The Joints
  • Will Be Great For People Who're Recovering From Injury
  • 12 Levels Of Resistance
  • Comes With A Ton Of Helpful Material To Get You Started
  • Comes With 4 Attachments
  • Lifetime Warranty On The Frame And 2 Years On Parts


  • Expensive
  • Not That Easy To Fold And Store As You Might Think
  • Takes Up A Lot Of Room When In Use
  • Not Suitable For Users Who Want To Get Bigger
  • Not That Easy To Move Around The House
  • Its Features Do Not Justify Upgrading From XLS
  • There's A Learning Curve On How To Properly Use This Machine


The Total Gym FIT is yet another excellent home gym in a long series of high rated home gyms from this brand.

It'll be a good match for you, no matter if you're a beginner or used to be a gym-rat.

The fact you can do over 85 exercises on 12 resistance levels, helps you get a proper strength training session in your own home.

And, it also might mean you won't get bored with this machine that quickly.

Furthermore, it's what makes the FIT to such a versatile home gym.

It will help you with muscle building and strength boosting, and even with weight loss and will give your cardio a boost.

But, don't expect to get bigger or pumped by using it, If that's what you're after, stick to weight lifting and free weights.

My main issues with it are its price and the fact that the difference between the Total Gym XLS and the FIT does not justify spending more on the FIT.

Especially if you're thinking about upgrading from the XLS to the FIT.

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Meet The Total Gym FIT

The Total Gym Fit is the newest edition to the total gym line of all in one home gym's. 

Much like his older brother, the Total Gym XLS, the FIT version is for people who are looking to tone and shape their body and improve their overall fitness and cardio levels. 

And much like the XLS, the FIT won't help you to get pumped, if that's what you're after.

Therefore I recommend you stick to an old good workout program that uses free weights, as opposed to the body weight training that the Total Gym utilizes.

It will however help you in developing lean muscles, lose weight, and improve your overall daily feeling.

But that is if you combine it with a proper diet and if you're consistent.

No shortcuts here. (Or anywhere else for that matter)

And if you're recovering from an injury, it can even help you with the recovery process.

But more on the later.

How Can It Help Me?

The thing I like the most about home gyms, is what their name suggests, the ability to workout at home.

On my own terms, whenever I want for as how long as I want. 

This helps to keep me on track and makes sure I stick to my workout plan.

That being said, I know a lot of people who use their home equipment as coat racks.

This particular machine is a home gym that provides more than 85 exercises.

It covers all the muscles groups, it has 12 levels of resistance, you can add a ton of various accessories to versatile your workout, it folds, and it has a lot more features that I'm going to talk about later.

As for now, the main thing you need to keep in mind is that, if you're planning on buying one, take a moment to think if you're really going to use it. 

If 4 or 5 of the following sentences describe your goals, this machine might be a good choice for you.

  1. You want to workout in the comfort of your home.
  2. You plan to get in shape.
  3. You're after building muscles and improve your fitness level. 
  4. Your cardio levels need a boost.
  5. You need to lose some weight.
  6. You're recovering from an injury and want to keep in shape.
  7. For some reason, you want to improve your flexibility. 

Side Note #1

All the best equipment in the world will not help you if you are not serious about your goals and the results you want to achieve. 

A lot of people are looking for shortcuts in life, even when it comes to their health and well being.

Well there are no magic pills, supplements, magic diet plans that can change your life for you, simply because they do not exists. 

And there is no fitness equipment that will do the work for you.

It is up to. 

So step up and start changing your life yesterday!

Who should use the total gym fit?

As I said before, if 4 or 5 sentences describe the way you feel or the goals you want to achieve, than the FIT might be the answer for you. 

And remember that I said that this machine can help people who're recovering from injury? 

Well it does, and I wrote about how the total gym came to life in my XLS review, but in short it started out as a physical therapy equipment. 

It does that by providing a workout that is easy on the joints. The movements you make on this machine are very smooth and transitional.

Unlike with weightlifting, there's no pressure on the joints when you exercise on this machine, and even more, it reduces the chances of another injury.

So that's one thing. 

Furthermore, and believe it or not, anyone, no matter what is their fitness level, can use this machine. 

It doesn't matter that you've never really exercised before. Getting started is really easy, and does not require any former experience, which is great if you'll ask me. 

Add to that the fact that it is straight up fun working out on this thing, you'll know you'll get the extra boost of motivation to keep you working out on it. 

And if you are experienced don't think that because the Total Gym FIT is newbie friendly it does not worth your time, cause you'll find out that it can be quite challenging. 

Who shouldn't use it?

I definitely would not recommend this machine to users who want to get pumped. 

There's just a limit to the amount of resistance you can apply when the resistance is your own body weight.

With weightlifting, well, the sky is the limit. 

Side Note #2

Whenever I'm reviewing a product, I try really hard to find reasons to why I shouldn't buy it.

With the Total Gym FIT it was pretty hard finding any reasons besides its price.

I had the same thing when I reviewed the XLS, and all I could come up with were technical reasons.

Could it mean that the company behind the Total Gym cracked the formula of a winning home gym?

Well, yes and no. Keep on reading to learn why.

The total gym FIT Vs XLS


total gym xLS

Total Gym FIT


# Of Exercises

over 80

over 85

Does It Fold?

# Of Resistance Levels



User Weight Capacity (in lbs)



# Of Attachments

3 included

4 included

Easy Start Guides?

3 DVD's Included

6 dVD's included

Weight (in lbs)




Lifetime On Frame, 6 Months On Parts

Lifetime On Frame, 2 Years On Parts

The table above clearly shows that the FIT is the more "sophisticated" one among the two, but he is also the more expensive one.

The question is, does the advantages the FIT has over the XLS worth the difference in the price?

Well, to be honest I don't think so. Especially if you're thinking about upgrading from XLS to FIT.

However, if you're a brand new user and you have an extra cash just lying around the house doing nothing, I would say go for the FIT. 

It has more exercises, only 5 more, but still, and it has twice the resistance level.

Though that in the end of the day I believe that the max power of resistance you put on is the same on both the XLS and the FIT, with a slight advantage to the FIT version. 

And yes, that is despite the fact that the FIT has 12 level's of resistance while the XLS has "only" 6.

But In addition to all of the above, one main difference is in the attachments that comes with the FIT.

Check our full Total gym FIT Vs. XLS round-up to see how these two go head in head.

The attachments for the fIT are:

  • Abcrunch, with it you can perform over 10 different exercises that target your abs.
  • 2 Piece wing attachment, which is used for working on your upper and lower body, depends where you attache it. (The upper or lower part of the machine)
  • An "upgraded squat stand", which basically means it has more padding,
  • Leg pull accessory, which is used to work on the hamstring, thighs, and inner thighs. 

Now, you get almost the same attachments if you buy the XLS, except for the Abcrunch.

With the XLS you don't get the Abcrunch, and the rest are the standard version's of the same attachments.

Does it worth the extra investment in the FIT?

I'll let you be the judge. 

our total gym FIT review

Like with the rest models in the series, the FIT stands to it's name and provides the same yet a bit reinforced solid frame with a new look. 

That is to provide the extra 50 lbs to the max of 450 lbs of user weight. (The XLS supports up to 400 lbs)

You can see what i'm talking about right away, and you can feel it when you try to 
fold and unfold it, as it somewhat heavy and not that easy to fold as you might think. 

Let's just say it will take you time and practice to really get the sense of how to quickly and safely fold/unfold it. But once you get the hang of it, it's an ease.

How Does It Work?

The Total Gym home gyms uses a resistance based on gravity, in this case, your own body weight. 

The exercises carried out on this machine are are smooth and transitional, you can switch between exercises with such an ease that you can, potentially, complete a 
full body workout in less than an hour. 

You set the level by lowering or raising the incline level, the higher the level the harder the workout. 

If you're not after building muscles I would say that staying at a low level that will cause your muscles to fatigue after 12-14 reps will be a good idea.

This way you can mainly:

  • Keep And Strengthen Your Muscles 
  • Improve Your Cardio

But if you're after building muscles I would suggests raising the bar to a high level that will cause your muscles to fatigue after 6-8 reps. 

And in any way you can add a weight bar to the bottom of the glideboard for extra resistance. 

The Glideboard

To workout on the Total Gym FIT, once you have set the resistance level, you'll have to lay or sit on the glideboard which glides on a pair of inclined rails.

Depending on the type of workout your about to do, you'll need to control your movement by moving the glideboard on which you lay/sit with the handles/attachment that you are using in your workout. 

There are a pair of cables connected to handles which will act as your pulling device, and of course you can use the attachments as you like.

The glideboard on the FIT is more comfortable than the XLS's, there's an extra padding and the glide system seems to be a bit smoother.

As a result it will be a lot more easier for you to complete a workout and not to feel like your back is killing you. And not because you didn't worked out hard enough, but because you did it on a comfortable surface.

Working Out On It

This model will allow you to target all the major muscles groups in your body with the help of over 85 exercises you can do with it. 

If you'll feel a bit overwhelmed that's totally normal, that's why you shouldn't jump head first when you first starting working out on this machine. 

Good thing you get it a bunch of helpful material that will help you take your first steps. Now I won't list them here since they are listed on the official website and you can check them here.

Just click on what's included

But one thing I do want to mention is the training deck.

I think that without it, you would have a hard time using this machine.

What is it exactly?

With your unit, you'll get a bunch of cards, called training cards, you put them on deck and they sorta act as your personal trainer, in regards to what you should do and how.

Now these cards can't yell at you to keep going, but they will be right in front of you through out your workout so you'll get a bunch of exercise ideas. 

There are two versions of these cards, one for men and another for women, and both are color coded so that you can tell what is the level of the workout.

Definitely a great addition in my opinion. 

The Weight Limit

The Total Gym FIT comes with an option to attache a weight bar to it, so you are able to add additional weight to your workouts. 

But keep in mind that the max weight limit here is 450 lbs including your own weight and glideboards weight. 

You don't want to go over the top and risk yourself with an injury. 

One of the main advantages of this machine is the fact that it reduces the chance of injuries because there are no weights that can fall on you, or that you might stumble upon. 

But if you add more than the max weight, your risking in damaging the machine and hurting yourself. 

Another downside is that the weight bar is not included and you'll have to spit out a few more bucks, as if the unit itself isn't enough. 

Then again when comparing it to the to space and money it will take to build a full legit home gym, the comparison falls in favor of the Total Gym FIT. 

Wrapping Up The Total Gym FIT Review

All in all, the Total Gym FIT might be the right solution for you if you're looking into working out at home.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or once a gym-goer, this machine doesn't care since it's so easy to use and at the same time it will make you break up a sweat.

Its ease of use, combined with the number of exercises you can perform on it, is why, in my opinion, you should seriously consider it.

Let's not forget that we also want our home gym to offer us a versatile workout, and the FIT delivers big time.

It can help you build muscle, tone your body, improve your cardio and flexibility, and even to lose weight.

But, it won't help you getting bulky or pumped, so you need to keep this in mind.

The fact that it comes assembled and ready to go gives it a huge advantage over its competitors.

And unlike other home gym makers, the Total Gym guys pack their units with a lot of helpful guides, images and videos that make sure you get the max out of your unit.

To close it up, if you're looking for an all in one home gym solution without all the weights and stacks, that is easy to use and requires no assembly at all, then the Total Gym FIT might be a good fit for you, if you can justify its price.

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